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Fried GPU 660M what to replace with NOT AN UPGRADE

Level 7
OK, so this is not for an upgrade, as many posts mention upgrading isn't really worth the money for what you get. Yesterday my lap took a crap, screen went fuzzy, then black and I got this message on display manager.

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

I am assuming 90% on 4 year machine, my GPU is done for and at this moment don't want to buy a new one, I want to fix this one and put money maybe into a new desktop, ASUS as well and have both. My LAP is G75vw with 660m GPU, From what I understand I can swap with the following and since I have to spend the money any way, either for same 660m or 670m or the ones that come in the g75vx which are 670MX I believe. They both run used about the same money. What to do? What do you guys recommend before i purchase eiter one or the other.

Again looking to fix my laptop, not upgrade. Right now I run at about 7fps with on board video graphics.

Thanks for the help.

Level 8
I don't think you fried the GPU.
This happened to me once (when I disabled the battery from device manager or the AC Cable) , Try Running a Game Using Nvidia Graphic Chip (High processor) and then shutdown, take off the charger and it will go back to normal. Also try enabling every thing in device manager that was disabled.

If not reinstall the NVidia driver.
I think the GPU Disables some of its functions or its drivers in order to protect its self from being damaged after all that what code43 said.

Level 10
As far as I know the G75VW is the same as my laptop and that means you only have the Geforce graphics enabled. There's no onboard. So if you have picture your Geforce is still working. It's probably a driver issue. Try a full wipe with DDU and reinstall the latest driver.
Asus ROG G55VW:
CPU: i7 3630QM
GFX: Geforce GTX660M with 2GB ram
RAM: 2x8Gb 2133MHz Kingston HyperX Impact (surprisingly the G55VW uses the 2133 X.M.P. profile)
Storage: RAID0 with 2x 256Gb Crucial SSDs (both msata, one in a sata adapter)
OS: Windows 10 x64

Level 7
Well, I could not get it do anything with Nvidia GPU, as soon as I enabled it, screen would go black, not shut off computer, screen goes black, In order to get it to operate i would have to boot in safemode and disable. From startup if Nvidia GPU was enabled it would go straight to a black screen. If I tried to update driver it would go straight to a black screen. the computer as soon as it smells anything with Nvdiia GPU it goes to a black screen. While it was on the on board graphics, the computer would shut down and restart flawlessly.

They do have a an Onboard, not as good, but they do. Majority of processors have them integrated.