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Frame Rate Issues with G74S and SWTOR

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Hi everyone I recently was given a G74S Asus gaming laptop as a christmass gift, however my fav game I am playing atm is having issues. I have included my DXDIAG but briefly my specs are :

Intel Core i7 2670QM 2.20GHz
12.0 GB Ram
64 Bit Win 7 OS
560M Nvidia Card

Everywhere I go I am getting incredibly bad Frame Rates, a friends desktop in the same house on the same network gets really good frame rates even in the Imperial Fleet Hub. And her desktop is 2 years older then the laptop. I am getting 5 to 15 FPS in the SWTOR game and 1 to 3 FPS in the Imperial Fleet area. Its really not playable yet others with the same laptop on HIGH settings are getting v.good FPS all on low settings.

I have tried GPU drivers, reinstalls, de-fragging etc but can not seem to sort this out, is my system a lemon? not as good as I was told?

I have been told that I need to do a clean reinstall of my windows for my G74S laptop, how do I find the specific drivers I n eed aside from the GPU driver (I did look at the drivers thread but was confused by what I actuallly needed)?

Thanks for any help I am newbie at all this.

I just wanted to pipe in and say that many users with high end systems are reporting horrid performance on the Bioware forums. It seems to be the worst within flashpoints, warzones and some caves. For the time being I'm going to recommend you try turning down the graphics (I know, your system should easily handle this game with the settings maxed out, but bear with me here). If nothing else try turning shadows off, as this seems to help most people. One person even reported that when he ran Guild Wars in the background, The Old Republic started performing as beautifully as it should be, and would perform terribly again once Guild Wars was closed down. If this is true then it would indicate a CPU utilization issue within the game that will hopefully be fixed in a future update.

Give that a try before you do anything more drastic. And please let us know if anything mentioned here works, as I'm heavily considering getting myself a G74SX and this is one of the games I will be playing.

Edit: I suppose I should provide a link. I can't find the thread with the Guild Wars suggestion but it was somewhere in here. Apparently threads have been getting deleted so it could just be gone, although many people are still complaining about performance.

I have a desktop and is considering buying a G74, anyways on to the topic.
I have very low FPS since I have really bad specs in my desktop..
I tried everything on low. Playable but not too much.

I completely turned shadows off. My FPS got a really good boost, making the game playable even at the fleet.

Try getting every setting you want up, then turn shadows off. if it doesn't work then try to get it all to low. It's a shame Bioware hasn't fixed it yet though and I am assuming that they won't be in the near future. Cheers man.

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I recommend you go to and pick yer poison. If you want to try a beta, I'd recommend 290.53. If you want the 'official' driver, you might try the 285.62 WHQL. But read the release notes (may require some googling on your part) and decide what you want.

When you go to install it, I recommend booting into Safe Mode, launching the NVIDIA installer, choosing "Custom Install" and checking the "Clean Install" checkbox. Safe Mode will eliminate other running drivers that may interfere with your installation, and "Clean Install" will remove your current, older driver prior to installation.
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