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Found a possible solution to G75VW screen flicker.

Level 9
I decided to uninstall the 3D drivers and the the 3d controller and now both Just cause2 Benchmark and Supreme Commander 2 no flickering at all, so if you have this problem try this and let me know if it helps.

The reason I decided to uninstall them was because I noticed the 3d driver version was 296.44 and the 3D controller driver was 290.63, so I figured it might be a compatibility issue, now if I'm right then that's a good thing for all of us that have this problem, if not it's a temp solution.

If one of the ROG tech guys that responds to posts could look into this, as being a possible cause that would be great.

In the mean time I'll be able to play flicker free.

Level 9
Currently running World Of Tanks and No screen flickers yet

Level 9
I had an issue where a fresh install of Portal, started in 3D mode, resulted in a grey flickering screen.

Ctl-alt-delete got out of it.

3D mode was turned off, game restarted, came up normally. Changed screen resolution to 1920x1080, exited program, turned 3D back on, restarted Portal and it came up with 3D operational.


Well my screen flicker, was happening every 10-20 seconds and was completely from left to right. uninstalling the 3d drivers has removed it all together.
All my games run at 1920x1080 as that my desktop resolution, the other problem is the desktop was flickering when at 120mhz, so I changed it to 60mhz and no more desktop flickering.
I was running all my games with 3d off but the game auto turned it back on.

Both my 3D Vision Driver and the Gaphics driver are the same version 296.44. Im trying to update the driver. Not sure which one because all it says is R304 Driver update.

Level 11
There are 2 types of flickring. You have the worse one, with screen going black. I have the refresh one. Your solution does not help me 😞

How do you fix it? i get like 2 lines across the top of the screen when i put a video fullscreen on youtube onr netflix....and its super annoying!! ive changed the nvidia settings vertical sync to adaptive and nothing the ****ing lines are still there.

Level 11
Mine is fine. You could have just a software flash/browser problem.