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Forcing a program to use the Nvidia card in the CP doesn't do anything - G751JM

Level 7
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Note in the image:

  • I have selected the entire game folder and told it to use the NVidia card in the NVidia control panel (I have also tried individually adding the files - that doesn't work either)
  • The game, Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst is running (the game folder I am referring to).
  • GPU tweak, in the background, says the intel GPU is being used
  • The "NVidia GPU activity" icon in the system tray also says the NVidia GPU is not being used

I have tried (months ago) to run other programs with the NVidia GPU. For example, webpages running flash video (by trying to force Google Chrome to use the NVidia GPU), VLC Media Player, Media Player Classic, etc... And it has NEVER worked, not even once. The only programs that will use the GPU are actual games that are recognized by "NVidia Geforce Experience" and are able to download profiles and stuff (which I don't even use), and the control panel itself. Up until now it has been fine - videos and stuff, for the MOST part, run fine on the intel card; any choppiness or FPS drops in the videos might not even be the video card's fault, it could be internet lag or streaming issues. League of Legends and Starcraft 2 run fine and use the NVidia GPU, and those were the only games I played.

Well, until now. I downloaded a PSO Blue Burst private server, and it is not using my NVidia card. No game profile exists in Geforce experience, because the game is no longer supported by its developer, SEGA (and all official servers have been shut down). The game DOES run fine, it's not a huge issue - IF I RUN IT AT 1280x720. If I run it at 1280x720 full screen, I will get 30 FPS and it will never drop (the game is one of those old games that is locked at 30 FPS). But if I try to run it windowed, or if I try to run it at 1920x1080 full screen, the FPS occasionally drops and the game becomes unplayable.

So I would now like to know why the heck my G751JM ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to use my NVidia card for ANYTHING that isn't a game officially recognized by NVidia and its game profiles/experience tool. Other people are able to run this game in 1080p just fine, but I can't because I'm on a garbage intel card and forcing it to switch absolutely does not work, and never has.

Note: In the past (with VLC and stuff) I have tried right clicking and using the context menu to select the NVidia card - that has also never worked, and with the current NVidia drivers that isn't even an option anymore, it just tells you to use the NVidia control panel.

Sanctrum wrote:
1) Probably, but not 100% percent sure (I do not have your setup) but: Example: MacBook users reports/complaints that in their case VBox is always using discrete Nvidia card (causing the faster battery drain) instead of the Intel one... even if the virtual machine is not using any 3d acceleration at all - just desktop. Other laptops I have contain ATI mobility card... there you can set at BIOS to use only ATI, so I can not test it for you.
2) Yes you need the license. It is not the crappy Windows XP Mode at Win7... but Vbox is much more powerfull at 3D and in general outclasses MS Virtual PC. So in this case you must have the license/key and you must activate the system like at normal installation... or just wait with the activation/system deletion after the testing.

Also remember that Vbox 3d acceleration is not 1:1 your hardware provides... but for the legacy games it should be more then enough... I am playing 3D games at my Ubuntu virtual machine at Vbox... Eg Quake III Arena...

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