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Flight Simulator X Runs Quite Snappy on my G73Sw-a1 Laptop

Level 7

I recently purchased a refurbished G73Sw-a1 Laptop from an Amazon seller for a nice price. The machine was obviously brand new but did have an added Windows 7 sticker on the bottom of the machine ("for refurbished computers"). The original Win 7 sticker had been "X"ed out by the refurbisher. The "new" Windows 7 OS was a clean install and absolututely no "bloatward" to be found. It took me a while to get all the latest drivers installed but it was really a painless exercise.

I installed Flight Simulator X today and it runs great with most all of the sliders pushed over to max. I'd say "smooth as silk". Couldn't be happier.

Level 7
Congrats Buddy!!!!Enjoy.....
Me too bought the same model few days back and I just lovin it...


I should note that I made a slight error about the condition of the G73Sw laptop that I purchased. I should have said "never used by a customer" instead of "obviously brand new".

In order for the laptop to have a "Windows 7 refurbished computer" sticker pasted on the bottom, Microsoft says it must have had a major repair, such as a motherboard replacement. In other words, Microsoft considers it a "new" computer when a major component is changed. And so, the old, original Windows 7 OS must be removed and replaced with a refurbished version of the Windows 7 OS (with a new Product Key for Registration).

I received the computer along with an ROG mouse and Targus backpack) well packed and in pristine condition from the Amazon seller. The ASUS factory film applied to the keyboard, screen, etc. was still there. I also should have said that it was clean install of Windows 7 by the refurbisher. All the ASUS software was completely gone when I received the machine.

As I'm sure many people know who visit this great site, Flight Simular X (FSX) caused a lot of consternation and frustration among the flight simming community when it was introduced some years ago. Nobody could play it very well on most of the desktop computers of that era...and forget laptops! You needed a computer that cost a small fortune for FSX. I sat on my hands for about six years waiting for a computer that would be satisfactory. Usually they were way too expensive and so I put everything related to FSX on the back burner and, more or less, forgot about it.

Recently I was visiting "Best Buy" to pick up a new router on sale (Netgear WNDR 3400 v2, by the way) and happened by the laptop display and a ROG G7(something) caught my eye. I looked it over and was impressed by the mechanical build quality and the specs. Wow... very impressive. But still too expensive for this cheapskate however. When I got home I began researching the ROG laptops on the net (this Forum was a great help) and I finally ordered a refurbished G73Sw at roughly half price from "Warehouse Deals", an Amazon Seller. I believe a company called "Technology Rebuilt" did the actual refurbishing. Their name and logo was on the shipping carton (superbly packed I should add).

So far, I have been absolutely pleased with the ASUS product. It has been running day and night without so much as a "hiccup" . And quiet! I've never had a computer (much less a laptop) this silent!....and cool (temperature, not looks)...and fast?..An amazing piece of technology. FSX runs fantastic on this baby..... I'm HOOKED!!