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Fix your g750jm Keyboard Light

Level 7
My computer sufferd a broken networkcard when then computer arrived to me (g750jm) and after I haved sended it to RMA for fix it
came back with a broken keyboard light (they changed motherboard and reset computer) The FN+f3 & f4 didn't work such as the light on start up totally dead.
So I took the problem into my own hands and found a fix (No re-install drivers as ATK and other ****s didn't helped)
I found this genius guy which made a fix when u boot ur system on a usb drive in bios.
A quote from another forum.

All credits to Gary Key
Instructions is in the kbfix package too.

ziddy123 wrote:
Because Gary cannot create a new thread yet.

From Gary Key:

Download Links:
MD5 Hash (Hashtab): FCDC0A16DB9193F7303CE042388EBF3D
Chastity Link:


I am still not able to post a new thread or link to our FTP so I will provide a shortcut to the files needed to fix the missing lights on the G73Jh keyboard after a failed flash. This solution is provided as is and will only be supported by yours truly. If you are not comfortable flashing the BIOS on the G73Jh and have the missing light issue then I highly suggest you contact our Service group to arrange a RMA. Although every precaution has been taken to ensure the safety of this flash, there is always the possibility of a failed flash due to power outage, hardware modifications to the unit, or simply bad luck.

That said there are three compressed folders within the downloaded file. The fine people at HP produced an excellent USB Disk Tool that allows you to create a bootable USB Flash Drive and this program is located in the HPUSBDisk.rar folder. In order to create a bootable drive you will also need the required DOS files and the nice personnel at Microsoft provided these files in the Win98boot.rar folder. Extract both folders to your hard drive and open the HP USB Disk tool and follow the instructions to create a clean bootable flash drive. Additional instructions on how to do this are easily available via Google. After creating the bootable flash drive (FAT32 is the safest option) then you will want to extract the contents of the Fixmykb.rar file to this drive.

For those of you who already have a bootable USB Flash Drive then you will want to extract the contents of the Fixmykb.rar file to this drive. Now you are ready to have the lights come on.

1. Boot into Windows and turn off the lights completely using the light switch button in the upper left corner on the keyboard deck. Insert your bootable USB flash drive with the Fixmykb.rar contents extracted on to it.
2. Reboot and quickly start tapping the Delete key to enter the BIOS. You will want to navigate to the Boot section of the BIOS and then change the Hard Drive boot settings on Option 1 to your Flash drive. Exit the BIOS while saving the settings and the unit should boot of the USB drive now.
3. Once you have booted off the USB drive, simply type fixmykb and you should see a flash completion screen immediately. Remove the flash drive and power down the system.
4. Wait ten seconds and then power up the system and enter Windows. Once in Windows, turn on the lights with the switch button and you should have a backlit keyboard now, use FN+F4 to brighten the keyboard or FN+F3 to dim it.
5. Now just in case this did not work then reboot the system and wait until you are in Windows, press FN+F4 a couple of times and the keyboard should be backlit now. We did experience on two systems (several BIOS flashes to various builds along with the vBIOS flashes) that the unit needed the ATK drivers loaded again so if the lights are not working by now, please reload the ATK drivers. I highly recommend using the latest version on our site. After uninstalling the old set, rebooting, and then installing the latest ATK driver set the lights should start working again after using the FN+F4 procedure.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me. If this fix proves successful for you then it would be nice to hear it but more importantly if it did not work then we need you to PM me. I used this routine 500 times and it always returned the lights to working order on an approved ASUS BIOS. If you are using a modified BIOS, do not try this procedure without reverting back to an ASUS BIOS as it could render your system inoperable.


Level 7
This worked for me. Thanks! I had just updated to BIOS 213 on my G73JH and it mucked up my keyboard lighting. This worked like a champ.

Level 7
Works on G750? Cause I have this problem as well and it drives me nuts. I experienced it after an RMA for a fan error as well as burnt pixels on the screen

EDIT: also can you post me some basic guidelines? always have been kind of a noob in terms of BIOS shenanigans and I am afraid I will mess something up pretty freggin' badly

Level 7
Tried this fix now but I don't get the DOS screen where I have to input "fixmykb" (step 3), it just won't show up, did everything correctly up to that point

Level 8
WOW! Thanks a lot. I had this problem since my bios died and i installed a new one (soldered) i just gave up . But today i was checking around the forums and it totally works! G750jx Here. Thanks a lot.