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First ASUS laptop, feeling disappointed.

Level 7
I have to say that I had a high expectation for this laptop when I ordered it and I don't feel like it's completely living up to what I thought it would be..... I'm posting here to vent a bit and to see if I'm the only one with some of the issues I have. Feel free to chime in if you can assist!

#1 - Performance : Considering my last laptop was a Core 2 Duo, I was expecting some significant improvements. I haven't felt it at all. When I use apps like Excel, they sporadically hang with no explanation. Internet Explorer hangs ALL THE TIME. I am the only one that uses this machine and it sits for most of the day. I don't go to bad websites with it, it has AV on it, and shouldn't have any type of virus problem.

Part of me blames Windows 8 because it has caused me misery on other machines, but I wonder if anyone else is experiencing issues like this?

#2 - Wifi : I have trouble connecting to wireless access points quite a bit. Windows will report back with messages stating 'It is taking longer than expected to connect to this network' quite frequently. The same access points seem to be fine for my iPhone and other devices. Eventually they connect, but ...... Once again, would appreciate some feedback from others. I've also noticed similar issues with my Surface RT which makes me wonder if this is OS related?

#3 - Touchpad : For the love of God, the gestures have to go ....... While a lot of this is on Windows 8 and gestures, ASUS didn't do a lot of favors here. If you search for Touchpad / TrackPoint apps/settings, nothing appears for letting you configure sensitivity or whether you want to disable/enable features. Eventually after discovering this forum, I found about that there is an icon (hidden on the task bar) to let you enable/disable features.... (I had already disabled them via registry keys, though...)

#4 - Touchpad Part 2 : When I use the Touchpad, it will malfunction about 15-30% of the time. When I put my finger on the pad and move around, the cursor will jump all over the place, making it near impossible to click on anything accurately. If I put the unit in sleep/standby and bring it back, it seems to clear up.. (for a while)

#5 - Keyboard : Every now and then when I type, it skips characters. As someone who types 100+ WPM and does a lot of work with documents and emails, this sucks. Bad. The keyboard feels nice to the touch and I know I'm hitting the keys due to the tactile response; however, they just don't appear...... Not sure what to make of this......

#6 - Peeling finish : The finish is already peeling near the vents on the back of the laptop from inserting/removing this thing from my laptop bag. I've had the thing a few weeks and I'm amazed that is happening..... I have a Thinkpad T60p that looks less worn that this thing on the back and I've carried that thing all over for ~6 years.

#7 - Support : I submitted a support ticket about the touchpad on Saturday and haven't heard anything.........

I'd nuke Win8 and go with Win7 on this thing if I didn't need Win8 for Visual Studio 2012 and some development work I'm doing.... I suspect that might resolve some of the problems I'm having... *sigh*

Level 8
1# What model do you currently have? And what effects the slow load, time freeze of program/software is due to the HDD. To eliminate this issue, you want to obtain an SSD

2# this is odd, hm I believe the problem lies within the driver. please reinstall the driver. and can you tell me what kind of Wifi you currently have? like I said above, linking the model version can be helpful

3# you can disable the feature within the folder installation, it will say "disable_3_fun" somewhat something like that.
I find it useful, this is your opinion, this is mine as well. as long you can disable it. we good

4# Yes, this is a common issue currently on all g750 platforms. we will have to wait for a driver update 😞

5# hm, this occurs for most laptops. I have to agree, it occurred many times on my g75vx. although on the g750 not so much. perhaps I've been typing slow lately. really strange though

6# What kind of bag did you had ? I don't want to sound rude by any means, but I've had my G74SX for 3 years, and been using a tight bag and I would throw my pen, metal sharp things. so far I don't seem to have any issue you've been describing.
this part is how an individual, in this case you, takes care of items, this has nothing to do with peeling finish quality.

7# You will have to wait for a driver update, or please reinstall the driver. this is what they would tell you.

8# 😄 windows 7 is great, although windows tend to make their customers to move on by applying certain unique platforms application to their new OS. so people can switch

in the end, you have all the rights to complain and perhaps to be disappointed from the purchase. although you have to remember that most of your feedback critics are related as a oneself opinion and not in a wide aspect. of course most you have a valid points and needs to be addressed asap.

I hope you can give the laptop a chance perhaps. after all you've picked it, give it time you will love it 🙂

Level 9
Seems like you might have a software problem. Perform a full recovery (you should always do this with new laptops anyways). Also sounds like you have the wrong bag 😕 In terms of Win 7 vs 8, Win8 is Win7+METRO, that's all. I don't like it either. Install Classic Shell to solve (you can config everything within Classic Shell to make it feel like win7 and use METRO whenever you want (I never use it). For your wireless, make sure you have flashed the latest firmware into the router.

EDIT: Win8 and Win7 handle the memory the same way, so there is no really a difference in using CPU/GPU intensive applications. Gaming tests around the net show there is no concise argument towards which is better. Sometimes Win7 wins, sometimes Win8 wins. But the difference between the results doesn't even reach 1%, so negligible.

Level 7
sounds like a faulty unit possibly. I have G750JX and have had no problems with the touch-pad, keyboard, or wireless connections. Loading is not slow at all either. The performance in gaming is great, haven't really tried anything in excel but i probably will soon for auto cad class. I have had my laptop since the beginning of august and so far no problems with the finish peeling or anything and i put it in and out of a bag 4-6 times a day.
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Level 10
from personal experience, almost all issues with connecting to wifi are due to the network settings and the access point, not the device's hardware.
also, get an SSD. It's the single greatest improvement you can possibly make for the real-life speed of Windows and non-gaming applications and a 5400 rpm hdd will ALWAYS be the bottleneck of a modern system.
ASUS G750JX -- i7-4700 - 16GB - 128GB 840 PRO SSD + 1TB HDD - Nvidia GTX 770M - 120Hz 3D glossy display

To answer some of the questions / comments :

- Laptop model is G750JW, ~1 month old.

- Laptop bag is a SwissGear practically brand new bag. The only thing I do with the laptop is slide it into the bag, it's not rocket science. I've used SwissGear bags for years and NEVER had a problem. I've had a LONG line of laptops. Thinkpad 360 (yes a 486 DX2/50 greyscale laptop), 600e, T23, T40, T42, T60p, x100, Dell Vostro 1720. I actually still own almost all of them and use them for various things (i.e. 486 laptop runs my DOS based EEPROM programmer), I don't abuse my laptops.......

- In regards to the WiFi issue being related to the Wireless access point, I'd agree except that they work fine on the plethora of other devices I have..... I have iPhone 4s, iPhone 3g, various iPods, the army of laptops mentioned above, 3 Roku boxes, and other items. Additionally, this happens at my office sometimes as well and various other locations I frequent. Every now and then I also have this issue when connecting to the Verizon 'hotspot' I have. :shrug: (and ironically, I have an ASUS router/access point in the house, so I hope that isn't the problem! 🙂 )

Could be a wireless setting, but I haven't changed anything from default. I did see another thread on here talking about odd drop-outs on the wireless and a driver switch seemed to solve his problem. I'm going to investigate that as a potential fix.

- Software problem : I would agree a lot of the problems sound like a rebuild might help. Sucks that practically all I"ve done with this laptop is install my programs I use for development and use Office 365 with it and I need to rebuild it. ...... :shrug:

- In regards to missing keystrokes happening 'on all laptops', I've never (consistently) had this issue before this ASUS.

Level 7
got my G750JX CV050H for the past few days, so far no issues.
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Level 7
yeah for sure get an SSD. They are not too expensive. Just make sure to no fill it up with junk. I only put windows and drivers on mine, the rest goes into the HDD.
CPU: Intel Quad Core I7-4700HQ @ 3.4GHz
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M @ 932Mhz
Memory: 1TB + 256GB SSD
OS: Windows 8

Level 7
DId you buy this laptop from best buy?
CPU: Intel Quad Core I7-4700HQ @ 3.4GHz
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M @ 932Mhz
Memory: 1TB + 256GB SSD
OS: Windows 8

Internet Explorer hangs ALL THE TIME.

I think I found your problem. You're using "Internet Explorer".

To fix it, stop using it, and switch to Firefox, Chrome, or Opera.

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