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Few Questions

Level 7
1) So, I plan on purchasing the G74SX, but I had the following one problem, which I hope can be changed and could be taken as a
custom order.
Problem: GTX 560M not recommended for gaming and is pretty old, and instead of that, getting the 580M or AMD's 6990M,
which are far superior.

2) Secondly, I was a little surprised by the price [around 2100 USD], considering other brands are like 600USD cheaper, but that
does not matter, I was hoping for a student discount or a discount for NBR members if possible.

3) Thirdly, I wanted to know if the laptop's gpu is swappable, and if not, can this come under a custom order?

Many thanks to all of you who reply. 😄

Level 7
Being that i just ordered my laptop, i can speak about the GPU....that is not swapable. It is directly sodered to the mother board from what i understand. Though there are talented people who could do it, it is not receomended for a novice, and the price to swap it would be $$$.

Secondly, I have had no problems running my G74 in BF3, seems to run fine, no lag or anything.

As for the price i bought the G74SX-dh73-3d for about 1800 at bust buy as a custom order....Google the model and you will see what it comes with.


Level 9
go for an alienware OR a MSI with the 580m or the 6990.
end of story

Level 10
Though 380mcn is replying partly in anger....totally justified by his bad experience with Asus service....

he IS right. If the GPU is that important to you, @JsDart, you need to find another notebook. The G74SX has a 560M and that is not changeable.