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F4 key broken. How to turn back keyboard backlight on?

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Hi there. I'm using ROG G511JM laptop for about 2 years. Several months ago it was raining so bad late at night here while I was asleep. The roof got some leakage and it went straight onto my laptop's keyboard. It was my mistake for leaving it opened like that.

After that I found several keys on my keyboard not working anymore; Tab, F1 & F4.
It was okay because it didn't effect me so much, until last week I accidentally turned the back light down (Fn + F3) and couldn't turn it up back 😞

I tried with everything, Hcontrol.exe, external keyboard, on-screen keyboard, but still it didn't work. I have to use USB light to lighten up my keyboard, how sad is that.

Can you please help me? Thank you.

Status Under Review
Eh just google a Key Remapper.

You can find a good one that does key combos, so they = different keys. Like CTRL + FN + F3 = F4.

I'll try find one for you later, just can't right now. ;d

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