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Expanding RAM in G750JW

Level 7
HI all, I have a few questions about expanding RAM memory in my new ASUS G750JW.

I just added a 8gb RAM chip, on top of its original 8gb RAM base. Windows 8.1 System specs does recognize the increase from 8 to 16gb RAM.

However, my FreeRAM XP (free ram optimizer from CNET still indicate only 4095mb (100%) available, the same as *before* the chip upgrade.

So, I'm here wondering.
1- Is this a limitation of FreeRAM XP app, or am I missing to tweak something in my system (such as BIOS?)?
2- If so, how do I tweak it please?
3- If it is a limitation on the FreeRAM, can you recommend one memory optimizer that will display the *real* RAM memory available?
4- More importantly, was this upgrade really necessary?... (I haven't noticed any difference in speed)

Thank you,

Level 11
8gb is more than enough, you will likely not see any difference. FreeRAM XP seems like a program from 2006, and probably is a 32-bit-only aware program (hence only seeing the 4gb ram). You don't need any ram optimizers, those were questionably useful even with 32-bit winxp and are definitely pointless in Win Vista and above.

Level 7
Thank you, villiansv. I appreciate your response.