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Everything go slow after cursor was left for about 2 minutes !!!!

Level 7
Hi everyone, am kinda new here although i have joined for about 2 months or so I have never posted anything so i would like to apologize in advance if my post is somehow wrong. Anyway, the problem started about a week or so ago. Here goes, every time i watch a movie or stream a video on any website my whole desktop and the video slow down and get laggy if i don't move the cursor for approximately 3 to 4 minutes. I thought it was the power plan that i chose so i went and change it into High performance and set the "dim the display", " put computer to sleep", "turn off computer display" to never but even after I set them to never the problem still stay. I don't really know much about computer and I would appreciate any help from you guys. Thank you for your time. Oh and my english is not good since i am not a native speaker so forgive my mistakes.