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Event 41 (63) Kernel Power at boot on G751

Level 7
Hello guys,

I recently purchased a G751 JY and so far I've been quite happy with it... but lately I've noticed that the laptop sometimes freeze and reboot itself at start, right after signing up in Windows 8.1.
No error message or anything, I just find the event 41 in the event viewer.

The system is up to date with the last updates and never crashes while in use, this critical error only happens at boot. I checked around and found out that many users were getting the same but the crashes were random and/or related to intense use, which is not my case, I can play for hours without issues.

I doubt it's the PSU since the laptop is new and however I use it plugged in with the battery in, even if the power goes down the battery should save it.

Could a driver cause this?
It only happens at boot so I'm more inclined to think that something goes wrong software side, before RMA I would like to try a couple of things.

Level 7
I would just RMA it and get a replacement if I were you...
Conspiracy is nothing!

Level 7
I think I will restore to stock settings, update the BIOS (the only thing not really updated to the last one) to the last version and see what happens, the laptop is perfect overall, getting a replacement feels like russian roulette with those things, I always expect to get a dead pixel screen or something...

Level 7
it happened also with me for 2 times right after waking up form sleep, i think its from nvidia driver

Level 7
yeah it did it to me after sleep as well once, but that's a well known error that can happen...

just reset the pc and reisntalled everything up to date, seems smooth for now, I will keep updating to see if I got this over in the next 3-4 weeks

(ps I'm the OP)