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ETA for g751 Fixes?

Level 8
I really wanted to buy the g751 but I am very concerned about the lack of quality control on this model. Gaming is not my first priority, but I was drawn to this unit because it just seemed like such a great deal and could do everything I needed and more. My main uses are Streaming Videos and Photo Editing, but I do enjoy gaming and when I do game I like to play on high settings, I'm wondering how long I should wait to see if ASUS addresses the many issues this model seems to have. What is the community expecting as far as the bugs of this unit being sorted out? Another month? Two? My current laptop is on death's door and I don't know how much longer I can wait.

Level 7
Same as you, Photo editing and heavy video editing and casual gaming @ full blast settings. Let me tell ya, 2 years ago I did not have another alternative but to buy a mac pro as I got sick of Windows crashing when editing videos. The Mac did the trick, no doubt, reliable OS and hardware. Unfortunately for me, Apple released this crappy OS X Yosemite‎, which killed my ultimate mac pro machine, the Yosemite thing has so many bugs. Therefore, I decided to buy the G751-JY and it is, so far, an incredible portable machine, no doubt. The only issue I have is with the WLAN transfer speeds cap at 18 MB/s. But this is an issue with windows 8 and 8.1 and Realtek AC wireless device. Other than that I put this G751 machine for 5 days straight to heavy loads of video editing without any issues at all. By far the best laptop out there at this point. If I was you Ill wait for the model with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M with 8GB. I have 4GB and it is a monster, no fan noise and always runs below 40 C.

Level 7
Use my G751 72x for gaming, photo editing and work (IT development).
Have no issues beyond some of the keyboard layout, but that's just a case of getting use to things.

The screen is great. I run this side by side and look at the same images on my iMac 2013 and prefer the warmer colours on this laptop, although I'm yet to calibrate the screen for my photography.

Considering the power, I'm quite happy with the battery life. When I run on battery I switch to a balanced power mode to get a couple of hours out of it. but when plugged in, I'm all powered up and ready for gaming.

Level 8
TJBC I got my G751JT CH1 from Amazon. Worked perfectly out of the box, and has been working perfectly since I got it (I got it in Novermber). The keyboard is a bit confusing specially the recording button where "esc" should be, won't lie about that, but I already got used to it. The true issue with this laptop is the sound. The current drivers are giving out some problems, but even after they fix it, I don't expect it to sound that good either. I've had another ROG unit the G75 in the past, and the audio wasn't the best either. They are somewhat decent enough as it is though, if you tweak the equalizer listening to music and playing a few games won't be anything painful. When the laptop I already knew I wouldn't be amazed with the sound, as I never was for any laptop (I use 7.1 headphones anyways).

For performance/price ratio you really won't find better (I'm running Far Cry 4 on my 970m at 1080p, ultra -just shadows on high- with an average of 60FPS). Specially for the $1500 G751JTCH1 which is the model I got. Also, if you are looking for lifespam, there is no better choice for sure; best cooling on any laptop out there. It is a very well-built, sturdy machine.

Some people were unfortunate to have problems out of the box, but I've owned 3 Asus computers in the past and never had any such issue.