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DVDR drive not reading discs

Level 7
Hi Just bought a G55VW and the dvdr isn't reading discs. It was working Initially however now it wont. I am not getting any errors in Device Manager or when I examine the properties of the drive. All it says is insert a proper disc...

Any ideas?



Level 12
Even though it's unlikely to solve the issue, since it's free and only takes a few minutes at most, try deleting the upper and lower filters.

If that doesn't work, I would suggest getting a Linux LiveCD distribution such as Knoppix or Ubuntu and trying to burn a disc with that. If it's still a no go, you will probably need to RMA the system to get the drive replaced. If it does work however, then you have something wrong with Windows that you need to sort out.

Level 14
Since you just purchased the G55, if you're unsuccessful in resolving your ODD disk read issue, I recommend you take advantage of your retailer's laptop exchange/return period. Exchange your defective laptop for a new G55 and let the retailer worry about sending the defective one back to ASUS.
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