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Dumb question about 3-D

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I have a G60vx with a Nvidia 260M card. I updated my Gpu drivers the other day and noticed there are alot more 3-D options. So I was playing Crysis 2 and put it in 3-d mode. Of course it allows me to play it in 3-d mode and it runs really well but its not 3-D. So my dumb question is if I buy the 3-d glasses package I hear people talking about on here will I actually be able to play it in 3-D? My video card will do it but I always thought my screen has to be 3-d compatible if that makes any sense at all.

There are two things that you need to run Nvidia 3D. A true 120Hz display and an emitter for synchronizing with the 3D glasses. I'm pretty sure that yours doesn't have either one so you definitely won't be able to do Nvidia 3D. Now, you *could* do 3D anaglyph (red & blue glasses) but that's not what most people want when they think of 3D these days.
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