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Driver Problem, NEED HELP.

Level 7
Okay, so i have an asus G73JH laptop, with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 graphics card, and after about a month of attempting different things, i'm close to giving up but if someone can get it to work, it will surely brighten my month. The symptoms I've been having with this is that whenever play any game, like minecraft, GTA4, bf3, or anything else, it will either give an error message/report, or will play perfectly fine for a bit then slowly crash, ending in a 'Grey Screen Of Death', and when i try to switch drivers, it will either seem like it won't go through and take a while, or will blue screen on the first attempt, and a perfect run through the second time. the only drivers that I have show up as ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870, which shows up dated to be from '09, and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5800 Series, which is dated to be from 6/11/12, and neither of them play battlefield 3, or at least not for long, and with one minecraft has an error and GTA can't be played for long, and the other one, minecraft is fine, but GTA gives me an error. At one point i thought it was an overheating problem, but if nobody can figure out a fix, i might find a way to send into Asus. Please pm me if you need a dxdiag, or any other info/code.

Level 7
Kinda newb here as compared to thw other regular forumers here but here's my two cents worth: If you got the time, i'd recommend a clean windows install again. Clears most of my computer probs all the time. If you do, make sure u backup any valuable data first 😃
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Level 14
Have you updated your vbios? See That's supposed to fix GSOD issues on your model and may also help with problems experienced when attempting to install the more recent video drivers.
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Level 15
GSOD = When Blue just isn't good enough 😛