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Does Win8 OS come in the ssd or hdd in G750-JX?

Level 7
I am thinking about buying the ASUS G750JX-DB71 for gaming.

Is the Windows 8 OS installed in the SSD or HDD.
I want it in the SSD and is it easy to transfer the OS from HDD to SSD if it comes preinstalled in HDD?

Level 7
The OS is installed on the SSD which is (at least on my JX) partitioned in 2 logical drives (approx. 96 & 121 GB).

Level 17
That's pretty normal. Honestly, I would recommend deleting the second SSD partition, and merging it into one big partition, so that you won't run out of space on the Windows (C:) partition. Leave the HDD partitioned as it is, or merge it into one.
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LINUX Users, we have a group!

Or take out the HDD completely and add in an equivalent size ssd to the system