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Docking station for G752VT?

Level 7
Anyone using a docking station with their ROG? Looking for advise and recommendations that can help me pick the right solution for my needs.*
I want to quick connect to gigabit LAN, USB2 printer, USB2 scanner, USB2 keyboard, HDMI/DVI FullHD monitor. Optionally also USB3 external hdd. I was thinking of a docking solution so that in stead of continuously (dis)connecting a handful of cables I only connect the dock to USB-C or USB3 port with a single cable. Is this do-able?

Level 13
This is totally doable but costly is a decent solution but its not cheap by any means.

This not only allows full capabilities, it offers the ability to use desktop graphics cards. The other generic stations on the market just dont cust the mustard, most are just USB 3.0

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I have a G752VT and one of these:

(Actually, mine is the previous version without a power output, which is OK because the G752 demands more charging input wattage than this can provide. That just means you have to use your existing power supply to power your laptop.)

I run the laptop as my left screen, a 27" monitor in the center position over HDMI from the dock, and a 19" on the right over DVI from the dock. The dock provides gigabit Ethernet and 4x USB 3.0 (2 are fast charging); I have a 5TB backup drive plugged into the dock and a pair of monitor stands that are also USB hubs daisychained off the dock for additional USB charging ports plus keyboard and mouse.

The Pros :):
1. For the most part, it just works. I connect the dock's USB 3.0 host cable to the laptop, and I get three screens, a desktop mouse and keyboard, and a backup hard drive. I can disconnect that one cable and everything switches over to the laptop screen only.

2. It's not covered with a technicolor light show. In fact, it's just this black box that sits on little lifts and connects to wires.

3. It props my VT up almost enough that the bottom of the screens line up. Actually, if I wasn't using monitor stands for the monitors, the screens would line up just fine.

4. Sometimes my cat uses it as a headrest. Could be a con, though. It doesn't improve *his* connectivity at all as far as I can tell, or maybe his dreams are internet connected. It's not like he's going to sit me down and explain it to me - mostly because I'd bill him for bandwidth, obviously.

The Cons :(:
1. Every once in a while - maybe once a week or so - the dock drops connection, and I have to unplug the single USB tether to the laptop and plug it back in, or refresh the hardware in Device Manager. This started with the latest driver, so the issue might go away with a future update.

2. The video out from the dock is performing some kind of display adapter emulation and that prevents the laptop's nVidia Control Panel from being able to see it. When I run some games (e.g., War Thunder), they warn me that the video out for the main 27" monitor over HDMI isn't running at the maximum possible settings. Despite that, I get full 1920x1080 HDMI at 75+fps with in-game detail maximized.

3. It might be out of stock?

* It cost me about $100 a year ago.
* I haven't tried to span a single application over all three screens yet, though in theory that should work.
* I should add that my main monitor is not an IPS panel nor is it G-SYNC capable; I doubt the dock supports those features but I'm not invested enough in gaming to care - it looks great, and the screen is big and bright and clear.
* I'm a serious cheapskate; ignoring the laptop itself, my entire multi-monitor desktop setup was <$300. Some of it is a little disreputable (or actual junk), but it all works.