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Do you shut down your G751 when not in use?

Level 7
Or... do you simply let it "sleep"?

I've had my G751 for more than 4 months now, and for the first time ever, I had a black screen upon bootup after the ROG logo loading screen.
There seems to be many threads regarding this black screen issue, but it only happened to me once. I had to force shut it, restart it and it hasn't happened again.

I probably shouldn't worry about it, but it still concerns me. Since it occurs upon bootup, is it fine to let my computer sleep when not in use from now on?

Level 8
I let mine sleep during the night if Im not downloading or torrenting anything then turn it off if i travel or pack it up and go to a friends or something
I havent had really any problems with this laptop its been amazing you nvida drivers might be causing the problem try and reinstall them see if that helps

Level 7
I have screen issues when the laptop comes back from hibernation so I always shut it down completely with no issues. I can live with that.
ASUS G751JY | i7-4720HQ | GTX 980M | 16GB RAM | M.2 SSD + HDD | WIN 10

Level 7
I shut it down at least once every day. No issues.

About the black screen problem: make sure that you don't have a cell phone next to your computer on start-up. I've noticed this phenomenon with two different models of laptop while another didn't experience the issue at all. My guess is that some cases just shield radio emission better than others.