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Do the G751jy and G751jm use the same power input/ac jack?

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You may have seen me make a thread recently. I have a G751-JY WH71 and my AC in jack was broken. I ordered this:

When I went to replace it, I could install it onto the motherboard, but it seems the form factor is slightly different, specifically the brass supports/screw holes. I can't fully close the laptop becuase the ones on the replacement part are too big, but it does function electrically just fine as far as I can tell.

However I want to get one that's the right size so I can properly close the chassis (at the moment it's cracked open a bit). I found this board on ebay:

This one, from visual inspection, looks more like the original part that I removed. The color and size of the supports look identical. Also my original one say "G751jy input board" where this one say s"g751jm input board" so I assume this one is OEM. I want to order this and install it, but since I have a g751jy instead of a jm, I want to check if it's really compatible before I order it. The ebay listing says it is, but the first one said it was the same board too and it wasn't...

Level 12
Part No. : 90NB06F1-R10030 or Part No. : 90NB06M1-R10030

Asus G751JM LED_BD./AS
Part No. : 90NB06G1-R10050

The boards have different part numbers, the G751JY DC-IN can be swapped with one from the G751JT. ASUS lists only one DC-IN board for the G751JM.

Here's the site I use to identify ASUS laptop parts:

Good Luck
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Just want to update saying the one I ordered in this thread:

is not the right one either... the picture says G751JM, but the one they sent says G751JL. Regardless, the input is not the same shape as the charger so it cannot even be plugged in, unlike the first one which works but is slightly too large.