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Do any of you discharge your battery on purpose?

Level 7
Is discharging your these newlaptop batterys necessary for its health? I usually just keep mine plugged in.

Level 7
I plug it in when it is in use. Unplug when not in use. If the battery fills up the computer should say (pluged in not charging) and it will use 5-10% then start charging itself again. When it fills up while in use and not gaming I unplug it and let it go down to 70% then plug it in again to keep the internal components moving. Today's day batteries do not require a full discharge to keep life long performance. 70-100% is sweet spot I think.

Level 13
The days of Nicad batteries is over. Lithium polymer batteries do not require to be cycled to keep from getting a "memory". Conversely their number of cycles is finite, every discharge and recharge cycle is one point closer to the end of its life.

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