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Did I break the laptop/keyboard power connector?

Level 7
Hey guys. G55-VW not powering on. I had the bright idea of opening it up for cleaning but when I put it back together it won't power on.

I had accidently popped out the black piece for the laptop/keyboard connector (the cables he pops out here: at 1:30). I was able to get the piece back in but it still seems loose. Does this cable need a super tight fit?

My battery light goes on when I plug the machine in. But no other lights come on when I press the power button. Anyone have any advice on how to troubleshoot this? Should the power indicator ( Turn on in the case I broke something else? Or is this the most likely cause?

Don't want to lose this machine through my own stupidity. I didn't even touch the mobo, just pulled the back off and pulled the keyboard panel off to spray some compressed air

Level 9
I think you forgot to plug in the power button board. Remove the hinge cover and look for a small connector with 6 wires.

The board looks like this. Of course it's attached to the bottom side of the keyboard.


As for the zif connector you damaged I would assume it's either for the status lights, kb or touchpad. Once you get the computer to power on again you'll have to diagnose if it's working or not. It's probably ok if you could get it to click back in to the zif hinge.

Level 10
I guess you'll have to open up the laptop again and check all the cables and connect them properly. You should use this guide instead of that video:

Hope you find the problem 🙂

EDIT: The connecter that C4RN1 mentions can also be seen on picture 7 in the link I attached.

EDIT2: This one (ignore the text in the picture):

And on the other side of the keyboard:

Level 7
Thanks for the info guys! It's super useful. You know your stuff 🙂

I checked the back side of the connector and that side is okay. I never pulled that cable off but I might have pulled it out when i lifted the keyboard. I'll do a full strip and check it when I feel up to pulling it apart again 🙂

Level 7
Just for posterity,

This resolved the issue. The cable for the power button was still attached but not fully in. Thanks again for your help!