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Desperate need for space

Level 7

I just got my Asus G75 back from repairs (broken motherboard) and now I need to install all my software again for school. The problem is, most of those programs automatically install on the C: partition. Which makes it a pain because when I fired my laptop up again for the first time since, it only had ~7GB free space on C: making it impossible for me to install everything (+/- 19GB).

I know that you're probably going to say "why not use 😧 because that has plenty of space left?". Well the thing is, Visual Studio 2012 e.g. can be installed on 😧 but WILL (even though you install it op 😧 ) still install 5.1GB on C: and only 1.02GB on 😧 .

I tried extending C: and shrinking 😧 for it, but I found out that C: can't be extended (even though that was possible on all the other laptops I had before this one). So now I had the question if someone knows a way to extend it or maybe knows what programs, bloatware and stuff can be deleted to make space? (also, no I do not have the time to clean install tbh. I can still work on my old laptop but would prefer to be fully operational with my Asus again since it's so powerful)

(I need a sh*tload of SDK's which all seem to have the nasty behaviour of desperatly getting installed on C: which in some cases, I can understand)

thanks in advance!

Level 13
no problem, ryusaaki 🙂