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Decision to replace motherboard or CPU? Fried Asus G75VW

Level 7
Hello, I previously had a problem in another thread where my computer died of overheating in drastic heat temps. I found out that either the CPU or motherboard was completely fried, but I'm not sure which one I will have to replace (hopefully not both), but in this case I'm more leaning towards the motherboard as the entity of the problem due to these symptoms:

1. Offline screen, completely dead monitor (Tried an external monitor, still no good)
2. Not sure if the HD symbol is the little cylinder icon, but only the Battery icon lights up, all other turned off
3. When I turn on the computer, the fan and power work fine, but the computer shuts down all of a sudden, then turns back on, then shuts down.
4. I don't think think if's a bad HDD or GPU because then the BIOS should at least load in this case.

If I could be wrong in my prediction please tell me so because I'm about to replace either the motherboard or CPU. I'm not sure if a fried CPU could still lead to a no-BIOS screen, if the CPU was missing, shouldn't at least the BIOS or monitor still load?

My model is the G75VW -FS71 from Frys and I was going to replace the motherboard with this, it's just it doesn't come with a CPU, so I"ll probably have to use the old CPU, which I hope isn't burned >.<

Just to make sure though, is this the right motherboard? And if so, why's it so cheap?

Level 12
If you get no POST keyboard lights, no front LED's lit EXCEPT the battery light... it's more likely because it can't even complete POST due to the following below.

So to answer your possible predictions and symptoms,

1. Not likely the screen. If a GPU or CPU goes south, especially in a laptop, you will get constant reboots prior to POST with no display.

2. Related to #1

3. Some people would assume this is MB related, however going by your #3 symptoms, this shows the MB has power still and is functioning. If it wasn't, you would not have the ability to start up the laptop via power button or the system knowing to restart and shut down from a faulty connected device.

4. Correct for the HDD, not with the GPU. Related to #1.

I have had laptops come to me in the past with broken CPU pins, try plugging one into a perfectly functioning laptop and you'll see the exact same results you describe.

My guess is the CPU is the problem. In the BIOS there is a trip point that if the CPU temps hit 108°C, your system will shutdown. However, in sleep mode under the conditions you had your NB in, anything is possible. Discerning between which one is the actual cause is going to have to be a guessing game at this point. I'm leaning more towards the CPU however.

I'm not too sure how well sleep state and thermal control is.

Yes, that replacement will work. It's cheaper because it's not sold from the manufacturer but by a reseller. Which means it may also be a refurbished model being sold as NEW condition.

Don't rule the MB out just yet!

Level 7
Thank you very much! That was a very informative post, but now I'm suffering from a heartattack because I just ordered the MB and realized the CPU could be damaged as well. I looked up the CPU prices and these things hit around $500-700 JESUS T_T.

I don't understand though, what are CPU pins and what is POST? All I know is that the CPU is a single chip that can be taken out of the MB and it has thermal paste...Otherwise, the full story regards that it was in Sleep mode covered in a white T-Shirt in a leather bag under a 95 degree temperature for 4 hours. So I'm pretty sure something fried in there...Is there anyway I can test to see if the current CPU is okay or not? I don't really have a replacement laptop, but I do have a desktop if that helps.

I'm pretty much placing all my chips on this motherboard replacement because I'm assuming even if CPU were missing/failed there should be a screen that's at least blank and some beep sounds. Also, if I were to replace the CPU and if it still doesn't work I would have wasted a lot of money for something that could have been used for a new laptop. And just for a little biased opinion, in my experience ASUS parts have broken a lot because they're cheaply made like the motherboard, but since the CPU was made by INTEL it shouldn't be as fragile? 😞

The pins are not related to your problem. I was referring to what the results come from when a CPU is pulled out without unlocking it or put it the wrong way and latching it back in. If you were to put the CPU back under those conditions, usually means bent pins if you have no display, system shutsdown, etc, similar to what a malfunctioning chip would do.

NB is Notebook.

Okay, rules out battery.

Level 12
No worries if you ordered it,

Just test it out when it comes in to rule the MB out. If it works, keep it. If not, return it (shrugs)

The CPU pins are located on the underside of the chip and are what connects into the CPU socket on the MB (not related to your problem.) POST is Power On Self Test, which happens every time you power on your NB.

I'd just take it as it comes. You ordered the MB, wait for it to come in, swap everything over carefully and test it out. Worst comes to worst, you have to return it.

I may be wrong, it might not be the CPU. I am just going by what I read from your post.

Come to think of it, a faulty CPU would "beep" during POST proceeded with a shutdown, but some don't.

Have you taken the battery out and tried just the power from your AC adapter. Faulty batteries can do this as well come to think of it.

Level 7
Oh this laptop isn't new, I've had it for about 2 years and it's been perfectly fine for me until this occurred. Usually, I'm super delicate and responsible for maintaining the laptop, but in this case I made a huge blunder.

So if the CPU pins are bent or warped, this could affect the CPU itself? Sorry what is NB?

Yeah I tried it without the battery, same results.

Level 7
Oh shoot, then that means when I try to take out the CPU and put it into the new motherboard, I have to be 1000x more delicate? I've only gone so far as taking out the GPU and MB, but I've never taken out the CPU since it looked perfectly fine to me. Except it had some kind of dark oil spot somewhere, but I'm not sure what this is, maybe the thermal paste.

Level 12
It's not surgery, just make sure to unlock it from the socket before trying to pull it out; You'll need a flat head driver.

The 'dark' oil spot? DARK? Or just left over oil like spot residue from existing thermal paste?

Level 7
It's like a leftover oilspot I think from thermal paste because it's like a drip around the CPU. This shouldn't be an issue though right?

Level 12
Are you able to snap a picture of it? I apologize but.. dark oil spot, drip..... your situation.. LOL, you know what I'm saying! A picture would help at this point now.