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Debating upgrading G73JW to Win10

Level 7
Alright. Please be gentle, haha. I have a G73JW notebook. Currently 14G RAM, i7 740m, NVIDIA GTX 460M,1TB/500GB HDDs, WIN7 64b.
I've been puttin this off for awhile (kept denying/blocked the windows update offer) because I am so comfortable with WIn7. I was forced to use WIn10 today at work and that didn't really help ease anything for me. It only increased my anger, lol. I'm sure I would get used to it but still. I've also heard a lot of complaints about WIn10 bricking video cards, in particular NVIDIA cards. Does anyone know if those early issues have been resolved? How much effort would be needed post-install, to get everything setup again?

Level 13
maybe first try with checking if ASUS releases all win10 x64 drivers for your laptop (they should though, doubly check to make sure).
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haihane wrote:
maybe first try with checking if ASUS releases all win10 x64 drivers for your laptop (they should though, doubly check to make sure).

Hmmm. That's a good idea. I think I could probably get most, if not all of the drivers directly. I'll ask them anyway and see if they are willing to advise me.

Level 16
With that amount of RAM I would stick to Win 7... specially if you're used with it already...

Zka17 wrote:
With that amount of RAM I would stick to Win 7... specially if you're used with it already...

14GB of RAM is plenty for Windows 10, more than enough. The issues when upgrading to Windows 10, if there would be any, would not come from having 14GB of RAM. Of course, there's still nothing wrong with sticking with what you're used to.

This is what Asus has replied with.

I'm still not totally convinced. I asked for information as to why, exactly, this model wouldn't work.

Mostly because windows 10 drivers are not available for your hardware!! You can I suppose upgrade to 10, and after wrestling with it for a while you'll figure out how to get it mostly working. I have kept my G75VW on Windows 8.1 for that very same reason. Some people have got them mostly working on 10.
Should you get to 8.1 or 10 to make life much easier install Classic Shell first thing. You can turn off all the metro crap, turn off one drive, and most of the surveillance set your desktop up pretty much how you have it now.
On install don't set up a MS account just set up your regular local account. If you use gadgets you can still use them. Just having Windows 10 doesn't mean you have to suffer with all that cell phone crap on your notebook
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aww man, damn. Seems like this is possible.
hell yea. I had to do that with win10 at work. they just did an upgrade on all the machines.

Level 10
Well my g74sx (also not listed as compatible) and 8yr old hpdv7 both with 8gb ram still runs win10 right now without any issues whatsoever. You just have to have patience to look for the right drivers for your hardware because they wont be listed under the download support page of your model (win10 drivers that is). Although some win7 drivers work with win10, most devices work with the native win10 drivers. It is just a matter of driver hunting, trial and error and whole lot of patience.*