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Debating if I should get the G75

Level 7
I've been a casual pc gamer for a while now and I am now looking for a gaming laptop. 🙂 The G75 has caught my attention since my friend has the G73 and really likes it! I love the design of the laptop and haven't had any problems with Asus in the past. I love gaming but am not typically what you would call a "hardcore gamer". Having astounding frame rates at max settings isn't my top priority ( so don't suggest desktop 😉 ). I want to be able to enjoy new games with them looking pretty good and playing well for a few years to come. The graphics card is my dilemma - I want to be a little future proof here so I don't know if I should get the best of the best. Here are my thoughts:
1) The Fermi architecture of the GTX 670M, I know it has better performance than the GTX 660M but would the Kepler architecture be worth purchasing because it's newer technology?
2) The GTX 680M is announced and currently there are no mentions of there being a new model of the G75 with this included. Should I go for another brand of laptop for that card or the AMD 7970M?

Basically - Do you guys think that's it's worth a) waiting to see if an update is announced for the G75, b) Buying another brand for one of those graphics cards or c) Getting it with the GTX 660M or GTX 670M and which of the two.

I'm pretty new to this and would like some experienced opinions from people who know about all this stuff!

Any input would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

Level 7

Im in the same boat as you, debating the same things now.

1. From what ive found out so far, the gtx 670m beats even an oc gtx 660m. The 670 adds a little more heat, but in the g75 that shouldnt matter.

2. I have also looked at a few laptops with the new radeon 7970m. So far (in my country - norway) its only possible to get in alienware and clevo\sager laptops. Alienware is out of the question, as I think its overpriced. The Clevo laptops are not so pricey, bbut its still 300 euro more then the g75 option. Here in norway it will cost like 1800 euro, which i think is too much money to invest as Im just a moderate gamer.

The 7970m adds like 50% performance compared to the gtx670m, but for me the design, cooling and noise levels of the asus g75 is more tempting. And I mostly play rpgs and mmos, which isnt as gpu demanding as say fps shooters.

Asus might launch an option with the gtx680m, but I highly doubt it, since that card will cost an arm and a leg.

Level 11
The way things advance in computers no purchase is "future proof" for very long.

That being said the 660M graphics card is a real beast ( and can be overclocked apparently not going to do anything on my system ) and should be capable of playing any game coming out in the near future and playing it pretty decently.

My G75VW runs absolutely dead silent unless one turns off all noise in the area and even then you can barely hear a whisper. The design of the cooling system is absolutely first rate.

Thanks both of you for your replies! It's helping me decide 🙂

If you search this forum you will see there are serious manufacturing faults with G75 laptops.

This is my experience:

AmazingFactory wrote:
If you search this forum you will see there are serious manufacturing faults with G75 laptops.

This is my experience:

The main issue with these machines is the sound coming from the subwoofer, or the sound in general. Hopefully Asus is working on a fix for this. You can do a little tweaking to make the sound decent for now. Overall my opinion of my system is that it's amazing and I love it.

Also if you decide to purchase a G75, buy from a retailer with a good reputation. I would never buy something this expensive from a retailer that I don't know or trust.
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There are NOT 'major' defects in the G75. The sound, hopfully is nothing more than a software IS being worked on.

And as mentioned ... yes .. the retailer is everything. If the unit you receive is defective .. for any reason .. return for another..
ie .. newegg or tigerdirect ..ect.... But this thing is off the hook .. and Asus really listened to the G74 users on this one.

Any doubts ? Order one .. and play with it. If you are not blown away .. send it back.

AmazingFactory .. PM Mason@Asus ... Answer on your thread .. What Retailer ?
Stop flaming Asus and get this resolved...with all due respect.c.

The retailer has done nothing wrong *so far*

ASUS have sent out many broken computers.

In my case I have now paid $350 in shipping charges alone.

If the retailer follows through with their "restocking" charge then total cost of having NO LAPTOP will be $650

If ASUS had manufactured working units - there would be no problem.

Searching the Internet for G75 will show up HUNDREDs of people suffering issues with G75s

I will name the retailer IF they take my money unfairly, until then I will hope for a fair treatment.

Unless you can fully test your G75 before purchase ... do not buy it.

ASUS support are very familiar with these issues ... very familiar

The retailer ( has agreed to waive the 15% restocking fee.

This means I am only out-of-pocket $350 of shipping fees and time wasted.

The lesson I have learnt?

Check the forums more carefully next time, everything you need to know about G75 laptops is right here ...

The Internet quickly shows whether a product is exhibiting quality issues.

AmazingFactory wrote:
The retailer ( has agreed to waive the 15% restocking fee.

This means I am only out-of-pocket $350 of shipping fees and time wasted.

Dude you don't pay shipping and return fees for a broken item ... ever ... with any kind of reputable retailer. Something seems seriously wrong here and perhaps you just do not have relevant experience buying expensive stuff.

All major manufacturers at times ship some defective products ... work with a retailer that treats customers semi decently.