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Damsel in distress - GL503VS Scar keyboard backlight stopped working

Level 7

Specs are -
GL503VS Scar
i5 7th Gen
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
Windows 11

Hi everyone 🙂 I just got a re-furbished GL503VS Scar laptop and have been having some issues! When I first turned the laptop on and went through the set-up the keyboard was lit rainbow. I'm not sure if it was windows updates or the install of Armoury Crate but my backlight isn't working and I am heartbroken!!

In Armoury Crate it's not even picking up the laptop as a device so I can't access any settings through that. The keyboard lights up red still on start up and after the laptop sleeps but that's it, and the FN and up and down buttons to adjust the keyboard brightness come up and work just the keyboard does nothing.

I have tried uninstalling Armoury Crate, re-installed windows, tried using Ghelper and nothing. So frustrating as was working so obviously somethings happened.

Thanks for any suggestions!

-Just a girl who wants to play the Sims with a rainbow keyboard




Level 7

Still haven’t been able to resolve this!

Level 12

Try installing the full version of "Armory Crate" (3 GB), offline.

Level 10

Dump ac and use this and pretty will be fixed


Level 8

Hey there! 😊 It's disappointing to hear about the keyboard backlight issue with your GL503VS Scar laptop. Here are some methods you can take to troubleshoot:

Update Windows and Drivers: Ensure all drivers are up to current. This includes both graphics drivers and any ASUS-specific drivers for your laptop.

For Armoury Crate reinstallation, try deleting and reinstalling it. Make sure you're using the most recent version that works with Windows 11.

To upgrade your laptop's BIOS, visit the ASUS support website and check for available updates. Updating the BIOS can occasionally resolve hardware issues.

Asus Support:
Contact ASUS customer care for assistance. They may offer specialized troubleshooting instructions or advice based on your laptop model.

To remedy an issue caused by a Windows update, try rolling back to a previous version.Check Keyboard Shortcuts: Ensure there are no special keyboard shortcuts to toggle the backlight. These can be mistakenly triggered.

Consult ASUS or related tech forums for solutions to similar difficulties reported by other users.

Remember to back up your data before making any major modifications to your system. I hope one of these suggestions helps you get your rainbow keyboard back and allows you to enjoy playing The Sims to its full potential! 🌈🎮 If the problem persists, please contact ASUS support for personalized assistance.