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D-Sub and HDMI monitors have different output

Level 7

I have a G55VW with a 2 iiyama prolite monitors connected through a D-Sub and HDMI connectors. Both monitors have same settings, but the problem is, that on the one with HDMI the output seems a lot lighter and the black is more of a grey. Paradoxaly, the monitor connected through D-Sub seems to have better quality output than the one connected through HDMI. It is not monitor related since when I switch cables, the situation is reversed.

Also it is not cables related, since my friend who has same setup, has exactly same situation. On top of it, prior to last week (our asus laptops are new), we both had Lenovo laptops, also with D-Sub and HDMI connectors, and on the same monitors, connected by the same cables, the output was exactly the same on both monitors. Here, it is not.

The question is, what's the cause of it?

Level 13

This is a common issue and is a result of the how the graphics chip and/or driver handles the different outputs. Calibrate both monitors to the same standard and there will be no visible difference.

Level 7
Hi and thanks for quick reply.

I'm happy this is a known problem, that's always good for someone who seeks help.

As for your suggestion, the problem is that I have trouble in achieving the same quality (mostly the black from the D-Sub monitor) on the monitor connected with hdmi, that I have on the one connected with D-Sub. The black is very grey, and is very luminescent. Any tips?

Anybody could give me some hints how to adjust hdmi monitor to achieve a more true black color?