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CPU over 90+

Level 7

I got a Asus ROG G702VM since the 18 January 2017 - so quiet recent - and when I launch a game like Sims 4, the temp is around 85-90° and has peak of 95°. I was wondering if I have to worry, maybe cause the ambiant temperature is also hot (summer) or if there is a problem? I try to not put my PC on dirty surfaces, so not sure it may have a lot of dirt into the fans, but I don't know. Can this kind of temp damage the computer? Do you think there is a component problem?

Thanks for your answer

Level 14
Well you pretty well said it yourself Ambient temps are high summer, and you haven't taking measures to keep your cooling system clean. Your CPU will throttle at 100C to protect it self. 85C to 90C under heavy load for short periods of time shouldn't be a problem, if it's staying at them temp for longer periods I think it will shorten the life of your notebook. First thing would be to see if you can get the dust and crud out of your cooling system.
You haven't listed what your ambient temps actually are My G752VY in Ambient Temp 25.5 C my system Idles at 36C to 38C light Medium use brings it up to 50 - 60 C range and heavy use will top on in the low 70's. I don't game so I can't comment about the loads with each game or any game.
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