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CPU - locked at 2.4ghz?

Level 7
As the topic says, I've done some stress-testing and from what I can see, or what it looks like is that the CPU is locked at 2.4ghz or close. I thought this had a turbo at max 3.4ghz or something?

Level 8
Hi there!
Indeed, the Haswell cpu has Intel Turbo Boost built in...weird. Do you have the FreeDOS version of the laptop or did it come with Win8 pre-installed?. If you do have the FreeDOS version, I suggest you install windows again and see how it fares..if not, then...I dunno. Maybe install Intel XTU and search there for an answer. I saw that there is that turbo boost power max..maybe that can do the thing..

Level 8
Turbo doesn't kick in if all cores are loaded.

Level 9
Turbo kicks in on 4 cores but you will not get the max frequency across all four cores. Try another monitoring program, as that appears to only give you the face value of the base frequency.

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Actually Temp Core does a poor job showing the correct info on this comp, so I swiched to CPU-Z and it seems to be working correct with max turbo boost around 3.4ghz.

What you see on the picture is stardoc with W-blinds. 🙂