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Cpu clocks down when playing battlefield 3

Level 7
I have a Asus g53sx with 8 gigs of ram and Core i7 2720qm.

My current problem is that the cpu clocks down both the Frequency and the voltage while im ingame. This i think, is the result of the major FPS Drop i have ingame. Because when it clocks down, i get fps drop syncron to the downclock.

What can be the problem here? Anyway to fix this? Maby increase fanspeed to max while playing? doesnt seem like it get to this point befor it starts clocking down.

The clock goes from about 2900Mhz to 800Mhz. Its not like it clocks down alittle 😞

Best Regards
Stian H. Jensen

Level 7
Sounds to me like you have CPU Throttling issue:

The fix is at the link above. There is a new version Throttle Stop 4.0

I know the G74SX'S have a throttling issue, so this may fall into the same catagory.

Hope the information helps.


Yes this looks very much like the problem i am experinceing. 🙂 thank you for fast replay!
Now the new problem is that i cant get trottlestop to stop the trottling. It stils clock down while using prime 95 to about 2.4 wich is the clock it will drop to by this program.

Any Suggestions how to turn it of? or maby something im doing wrong !

Thx alot again 😄