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CPU and fan noise increasing.

Level 7
So when I bought this computer last July. It's the Best Buy model JW.
The computer ran great but as of 2 week ago, I've noticed increasingly louder fan noise while doing my regular things
(World of Warcraft on high settings)

I haven't really noticed a performance drop, but the computer does feel a little warmer to the touch. I clean the fans out every month so I don't believe it's that the fans are getting dusty/dirty.

Although I don't know that much about computers, I feel something with my processes could be causing the problem, so I prt-sc my processes and I'm hoping someone could help me out. If you see anything out of the ordinary please tell me or help me fix it.

All ideas on the fix are appreciated. Thanks

Level 12
Sometimes the changing of the season ends up changing the ambient temperature in the direction opposite of what is expected. During the summer I have the air conditioning on, or the windows wide open - letting the temperature drop further than I would during the Winter. Rain, Snow, Cold air, all change the way I keep my inside temperatures.

You might have increased the ambient temperature to the point that it is hotter than it was when you recall the laptop being quieter. You might have moved it to a spot where the waste heat can't dissipate as easily and is getting mixed in and fed back into the inlets of the laptop.

I moved my laptop to a desk once, and noticed it was louder longer than normal whenever I did something - I simply moved it away from the wall, and faced the waste heat vents out toward the open space, and that solved the fan noise.

Mac's have a flat bottom, and a tendency to hold in heat if placed directly on a surface, but the G750 is raised and should be ok - unless the surface you are on is irregular or holds heat reflected from the laptop chassis, which will heat the incoming air a bit, and over time add to the ambient temperature of the inlet air.

I don't see anything in the process list out of the ordinary, and 11% is a low load, not even 1/2 a single core.

You might try using Intel XTU to reduce the cpu/cache offset voltage, try -50mV to start - don't OC the multi's yet, just reduce the voltage to reduce the heat. It might be enough to keep the fans quiet enough for you.

And, watch for sneaky heater floor vents in unfamiliar locations, they are usually near walls but hidden by furniture or other obscuration to make them blend into the decor - but provide a point source of heat that can direct heated air into the intakes.

Level 7
Alright that definitely makes me feel better. I feel that the fan noise is very possibly coming from the ambient temperature. At first, I was scared that something was already going wrong with my computer.

Level 7
I've kinda same problem but cannot be the ambient. It is placed next to my window which stays open at all times. The temp in this room is top 20-21 degrees. Plus, this is a very new lappy- only a month and a half. I'm so worried, especially since i cannot take it to be checked nor i can afford the time to check it home. CPU temp reaches 75 degrees at worst times, rendering graphic stuff but the fans are so loud. We can also exclude dust issues since this is quite a new machine. I am so worried there is something wrong and it crashes during my project 😞

Level 7
My WoW has been consistently going unresponsive and has become quite an annoyance.

Whiteouttx wrote:
My WoW has been consistently going unresponsive and has become quite an annoyance.

Step 15? 😉

What do you mean by unresponsive?