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Correct Utilities Installation Procedure For Windows 7 64 on G50V-X1

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I followed another user from Notebookreview to find this forum concerning issues with a Windows 7 64 Driver Signature Errors which resulted in a false error that made my OEM copy of Windows 7 64 on my G50V-X1 unable to retain cache and properly update. I post this because on the other forum the installation path is outdated and down with a pre-official build 7100 of Windows 7 on a Bestbuy G50Vt. I just want to know the correct step by step procedure and if allowing Windows Updates in between various utility component installations might be causing some errors. I want to avoid this driver signature error problem.

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I usually start with the OS updates first, next antivirus, third I install my preferred browser, then I move to the latest drivers downloaded from the manufacturer's website, and finally I start installing utilities from the manufacturer's website that I use (I skip any that I don't use regularly) before moving on to apps, games, etc.