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cooling solutions for G75

Level 7
a lower gain -12 degrees on the GPU, I'm also holes at the GPU and I changed the thermal paste from the CPU and GPU by Arctic Cooling MX-4 🙂 and I made ​​myself a tablet laptop Cooling 2 fans with 120 and 140mm


Without lid

you can see the fans of the GPU and CPU and the GPU chips (black center)

with holes

the three holes are set by a grid to secure the dust

My tablet aluminum


Level 11
Looks good, but there's one big problem. Mode dust. I already see a lot of dust in mine. Problem is that a proper cleaning means losing warranty.

How hard would it be to develop some sort of filters like those used in HEPA.

Level 10
That's a pretty cool contraption u have there lol.. but as c_man said, dust would quickly become a problem.

What in gna do when I get back to london is drill smaller holes more like perforations just for fans area not the middle, and then modify the extra dust filters we get and attach those on the inside where the holes are so you get double dust filter effect lol 😉

Level 11
I use the Metro Vacuum ED500 DataVac to clean dust off all my rigs

here is a video of it in action
PC Setup:
Battlestation Setup:

my test is doing on BF3 I played 20.15: 01h morning has nothing to say to my wife LOL So 4h + on my G75 with my GTX670oc was 750/1670 (as I flashed my bios GPU I can not come to CA, so I did the OC results)

with temperature-shelf GPU 62 degrees constant and so constant, only downside fans background noise

-temperatures without the tablet GPU constant 67 degrees and yes constant

I am very happy for these temperatures for info I have a TRI-SLI 580 Watercooler max on the card is 55 dg, my my turn heats + + and am buzzing of (14 fans all radiators)

excuse me for my english I'm french