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Cooling pad or any extra cooler for G771 JW

Level 7

I was wondering if I could somehow improve my notebooks cooling performance. Since the temperature limit for the CPU was set a bit low in the bios I have a lot of performance problems when playing games. It is really frustrating from a "gamer" laptop.

I guess i cannot clean it or change the cooling paste without avoiding the warranty so I started looking for cooling pads but i don't know how much could this model benefit from one. Can you please recommend a good one, if there is one that works with the G771 JW or can you please give me any advices to improve my notebooks cooling performance?

I'm thankful for any kind of help.

Level 7
Hi Math3us,

I got the same model of ASUS. I'm using Zalman brand, model name is ZM-NC2000. Really good for 17" laptops. Early on cooler is so quite but these days
(about 6 months later) it is so noisy... and like u guess it is so annoying.

about performance, hmm it's really helpfull for the temprature (not perfect). You can search the model which i mentioned above.

Have a nice gaming bro.

Thank you, I will take a look at it 🙂