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Considering a G74SX-NH71...

Level 7
I came across this board while researching Asus notebooks and I'm seriously considering getting a G74SX-NH71.

I'm looking for a powerful new notebook, and while I don't do any gaming, I do plan to do some video editing with the Adobe suite. I know this model has the one 500GB Hard drive, and space for an extra drive.

I've read countless threads where users recommend a clean W7 install and some much needed driver/BIOS updates. I was hoping that if I purchase this notebook, some of you would be able help me along in that process, and answer some questions I'd have along the way, perhaps about HDD/SSD, etc. I wouldn't call myself a beginner by any means, as I've done some hardware/software work on computers, but totally reinstalling the OS on a brand new machine seems a bit daunting.

I've enjoyed reading the threads and it makes me feel comfortable to know there's such a dedicated user base here.
G74SX-AH71 | Intel Core i7 2670QM | GTX 560M | 16GB DDR3 | 750GB HDD | Crucial M4 64GB SSD

Level 10
Welcome. Not to worry, there are plenty of helpful folks around'll be an expert on clean installs in no time!

Thanks Brody - I've read a lot of your posts especially. Good stuff. Seriously considering the purchase, hopefully after the tax refund!
G74SX-AH71 | Intel Core i7 2670QM | GTX 560M | 16GB DDR3 | 750GB HDD | Crucial M4 64GB SSD

Good choice @rp33! I am thrilled with my G74 even nearing the 6 month mark of ownership, and thanks to that full wipe and a clean install in week one, I have never had any of the issues with my system that forum users troubleshoot here, either hardware or software...except for the annoying keyboard lockup when you disable the trackpad in the BIOS. But they all do that I'm told.
Now you won't need to do the drastic things I did (delete partitions, remake new ones, format, and install: I needed a dual-boot Linux system) but the guys on this forum are experts on the Windows side of reinstalls. Its good practice anyways, since Windows tends to bork itself over time, and a clean install is usually called for >=once per year.
You've come to the best place for help and sharing G74 knowledge...theres no other place like it online for G-series owners. Welcome!
G74SX-CST1-CBIL, i7 2630QM 2GHz
32GB DDR3 RAM @1333MHz
GTX560M 3GB DDR5 (192 bit)
17.3" LED 1920x1080
Sentelic TP, BIOS 203
Debian Linux Wheezy (Testing) Kernel 3.2, NVIDIA 295.40

Thanks fostert - looking forward to it!
G74SX-AH71 | Intel Core i7 2670QM | GTX 560M | 16GB DDR3 | 750GB HDD | Crucial M4 64GB SSD

Level 7
It's $70 off today.

I did the clean install just using the threads here, it's been a few weeks, nothing but happy.