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Comfortable backpack for g75vw-bbk5

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Hope this is the correct thread if not can you point me to the correct one :). Sorry in advance!

So my gf just bought me the best buy g75vw-bbk5 and my current backpack well just doesn't cut it. I'm interested in either a Swiss army or northface, or any other brand that's very comfortable. I travel alot I go from Indiana on the megabus to Chicago to visit the gf. So comfortabilty is. Must. Any suggestions? I realize it's a 9pound ish backpack.

Preferring Swiss army (I like the way they look)

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The 17" and 18" model from alienware has been a choice from other people i have talked to that have the same backpack

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try everki product maybe
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i use a motorcycle back pack called the ICON SQUAD II

It fits this laptop, and a lenovo think w510 with both monster bricks. I only did that once but it was a successful motorcycle ride home -=]

Awesome ill be sure to look into all of these. Curious though the person who mentioned Alienware you were and I'm just confirming talking about a backpack correct?

yeah i was talking about the alienware backpack

Yea I'm thinking the Alienware mx18 is the bag I'm going for :). Hope it's comfortable as I do alot of walking.

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+1 for the Everki Titan. If you want to take it ALL with you. I liked the Asus one that came with my G75VW; but it fits "just" the lappy and bare essentials. No Bose QC15 headphones or tablet really, I had to bring a messenger bag to the airport for all that.
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