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Clear Statement about G-sync/Asus/NVIDIA

Level 7
Unfortunately I didn't received any answer from the moderators, If they want to delete my thread, they have the right to do it, this is just here to show respect to everybody.

This is what I said on the Petition thread, feel free to read or not, don't force anyone but it would be nice that you don't ignore this (that will help you to move on)

First, thanks for letting me say something.

I don't really want to talk about that but let me clear a few things.

I was the first one to blame Asus and NVIDIA for not using my work properly, this is the risk anyway.
In the end I see why Asus stay silent about that and I clearly understand.
You can't blame Asus for not offering the G-sync on the older laptop, as they have no control over the NVIDIA policy.
And I see what happened here, I'm not here to defend anyone but I was trying to provide a temporary solution, or to offer a complete solution
because I was not ok with the fact that my research/work was used like that.
But I cannot touch something that is not mine, this is not right. I don't want to repeat what happened to Asus or NVIDIA (basically
don't wanna hurt anyone). I simply want excuses and credit, that's all.
Now, past is the past. I will surely not continue to work on this. A few people tried to stop me and they have the right to do so. I give
them the credit to stop me in the right time. The reason, I couldn't offer the same support as what ASUS or NVIDIA could give you.
I can share the work I've done but I don't want to share stuff that will work partially and don't have any official support.

ASUS is a manufacturer. You can blame them if your product has something that is not right but you can't blame them for not providing something
that they have no control over (G-sync = NVIDIA). Again I'm not the creator of G-sync. I was involved in improving the way it works and on a few
other features, including the famous windowed mode.

But again, I'm not the creator of G-sync. I know how it works, I know how to deal with and I know how to improve it but I never made the G-sync. I was part of the improvement and this improvement was not well used/exploit (I mean by that, open source). But it doesn't matter now. Le mal est
fait (damage has been done), and I can't come back to the past to change that. This is how the world works. It was purely my fault for no being
careful with my work, that simple.

I'm going to do the first step but I'm sorry to Asus for what happened to them and what all the G-sync story brings to them. But I'm not sorry for
sharing my work with others and trying to help, like I helped you or NVIDIA.

It was never intentional, I always wanted to help, that's all.

Again, sorry all you guys that I couldn't provide everything you needed.

I know that Asus makes strong products. I have used their products many times for different projects. The main problem is probably the lack of
support to their customers, etc... but it is not better with the other brand.

Last thing guys. Please don't insult anyone, not Asus not NVIDIA. Ok they have made mistakes, like everybody, but it is not a reason to disrespect
them. You don't like what they did, alright but be mature. Try to resolve the problem in a good way. Make a petition is good, show stuff so that
they can hear your voice and try to fix the problem. But please please, don't insult anyone. Everybody makes mistakes, including myself.

G-sync is not such a big deal and trust me you will see better alternatives sooner or later. Hopefully Asus will find a way to deal with NVIDIA for
offering something to the old revision. I remember that year ago (not to defend NVIDIA) Streaming from your laptop equipped with NVIDIA to the
Shield was not possible and you needed to buy a desktop computer for that. A few months later they made it possible on a laptop.

You never know what could happen in the future. Living now and being patient is the best way to get what you want.

Again, I'm sorry that what I've done and the public work made such an impact and hurt Asus when it was not their fault anyway. They was with
NVIDIA on this but have no control over this.

Yes it is possible to make the G-sync work on every laptop or even on older GPUs. This is not possible because it is the NVIDIA Proprietary.

To Asus, we both did mistakes and we should learn from our mistakes. Really expecting the best from you.

To everybody: enjoy your life, enjoy what you have because there's people out there who don't have your luck. At least you have a home, a computer, a way to communicate with others and being listened. Others have no choice than just stay there and wait for somebody to come to help them.
Please be kind, try to help each others. I know that technology costs. I know that it is annoying not to have something that should be given to
everybody but you know we can't predict the future. Just be patient. Maybe something even bigger will come out and be offered to everybody. We
never know.

Take care Asus, Take care Asus Customers, Take care All Users
and thanks to everybody.

This is behind me and completely over.
Let's live our life.

Level 7
first thank to you

see somethings not fair i bought g751jy from germany €2182 something like that after 2 weeks g-sync confirmed by nvidia and the issue with old versions of g751 begun
by the way my g751jy its new model it has i7 4720hq on it
so is that fair only 2 weeks and iam not eligible for g-sync!
and there is no hardware upgrade im just saying asus very bad with their customers
that was my second laptop from asus i spend nearly €5000 on asus products but i promise if i don't get official g-sync i will never ever buy asus product even a cable

Level 12
Great post GN! And I'm sure that this drama will be over soon)

Level 7
Let's hope so.

PS: And Gamenab keep keeping it REAL! 🙂

Level 8
Gamenab thank you for what you've done for us! We appreciate it and will miss your work! i hope you'll be back soon. maybe with the new amd cards. as far as Nvidia and Asus..this is the last time i will ever buy something from Asus and Nvidia for the fact that they are treating their customers like cattles like we are sheep. asus nor nvidia they are both silent and esp asus will not comment or make an explanation at all which is disappointing. but great to see you gamenab and good post!

Thanks for your Effort and Clearness about this Situation. You created at least a rolling Stone and fought for the rights of loyal Customers.
Kudos to you! 😉

Level 7
GB, your contributions to the G751 community will be remembered. Thank you for going out with class, you will be missed.

Does anybody know where I can find the overclock fix that was recently released and now gone?
It would be greatly appreciated.

Level 7
There is no hope to get support from ASUS side. We need to find programmer who will hack the vBIOS for us - the right hardware ID and cookies (Nvidia licence). This is the one and only way to get G-Sync. Ps. Polish ASUS support team confirmed that support will be available only for ID 1617 and 1618... What a crap