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Cleaning G53SX Fan

Level 7

I bought my G53SX-DH71 like 7 months ago and its temperature used to be really low but now it started to overheat.
I spoke with the guy who sold me the notebook and he said it is the fan that is probably dirty. He said I could disassemble the computer to clean it but I have watched a video on youtube where the guy uses a hair drier to blow into the fan exit, a lot of dust came off... Here is the video:

Can I do that?

Thank you,

Level 40
Yes, but not with hot air....the hair dryer probably had a cold air only setting. Or use a vacuum cleaner.... can of compressed air...but best is to open her up and clean it....not hard just a few screws.

The guy who sold me the computer said i would have to disassemble it completely in order to reach the fans...
I am kinda worried that after taking it apart i wont be able to reassemble it, so the compressed air option is the best option in my case.

I just have a problem now, how do I open the backpanel?? I tried watching a couple videos couldn't understand them.


Level 14
go to the notebook section and see what they say there, there are loads that have laptops there and will give you the help you need 🙂

Level 7
As far as I see from tutorials and YouTube videos, it is almost a nightmare to clean a G53 Cpu or Gpu fan (I have G53JW) which requires detaching many parts including screen cable and hinges. It is simply a nightmare, and I can't beleive that Asus has made such a crappy design which makes this notebook uncleanable ny a normal home user, it is not self-servicable. G73 is way easier as it has bigger backcover and also way easier to upgrade. Damn...