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Changing my fan speed [Please Help]

Level 7
So basically I bought the G750JX from here in Dubai with some serious specs under its hood. A few months in now and I've been experiencing some weird issues. My C:// drive was randomly filling up - now fixed due to an nvidia driver update. The second problem i've been having is that it randomly shuts down.. like, if you remove the battery, run off power and pull the plug - kind of shutdown. It just dies completely. After searching for some solutions I downloaded HW monitor and my temps at IDLE are hitting high 60s. I KNOW for sure that this laptop has fantastic cooling, but for some reason everything's gone suspiciously quiet. I don't know what rpm my fans are running at but they're definitely not doing a great job cooling this thing right now. I was rendering two videos earlier today - each being 1- 2 hours in length and HW monitor says my maximum was about 90-95 degrees across all cores. I understand haswell has a certain tolerance to heat but if my computer is shutting itself down due to overheating.. that's some serious crap, because my videos are not rendering and I have a deadline to meet. SO, if anyone can help me out here in figuring out a solution on how to raise the rpm of my fans, I would be massively thankful.

Thanks in advance!!
~ Arcane

Level 7
currently there are no apps for G750JX that can raise RPM of fans, you can only see temps.. but if you think your laptop is not working for you , then you should send it to ASUS Repair Service, so they can check it for you...

Level 8
YOur Problem is Dust ... you could ramp up the Fans to max and it would not help ... when your heatsinks are clogged by dust the best fan would not help because no air is going though...

That means you have 2 Options ...

1) you can send it in to asus and they ll clean & repaste the Laptop for you ...

2) You can open the & do it yourself ... YOU WILL LOOSE WARRANTY!!

I recommend you to send the Laptop in for rma ... because if you need the forums to figure out why the Laptop is overheating, you will not be able to repaste the Laptop without destroying it ...
Believe me ... i repasted mine a few days ago and compared to other brands and older Asus models it wasnt easy at all

again ... if you open the Laptop YOU WILL LOOSE WARRANTY!!
No one is responsible if you ruin your Hardware except you!