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Changed battery on my G751-JY but now it behaves very strangely? - solved

Level 7

yesterday I swapped the battery of my old ASUS ROG G751JY with a new one. When I started it again, it showed some very strange behaviour.

First, the screen was showing only backlight with no image. Then I tried removing the screen and connected an external monitor. No signal there either.

When I booted it the first time, it performed a restart and then started normally but wasn't sending any signal to the external monitor either.

After sometime, I removed the hard drive and put it back again. The internal monitor then showed again backlight only but with no image. However when I connected an external monitor it worked fine. I was able to game with it without any issues.

The thing is that after I restarted it, it showed the same strange behaviour. It performed a reboot and then was staying on without signal to any monitor.

It was only after I removed a peripheral ( DVD, HDD etc ) that it booted and again with the internal monitor showing only backlight and the external monitor working properly.

I tried to perform all kinds of power cylcling as well as remove the CMOS battery but the behaviour is still the same. Since I needed to remove a lot in order to change the battery, I looked closely for damage but I couldnt find any.

The fact that it doesn't work directly even when the internal screen is disconnected makes me believe that the motherboard is damaged? But then again why it works perfectly fine only after hardware change?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Level 7
Well after ordering a new lcd panel cable and not solving the issue, what did solve the issue was a new LCD panel.