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cant figure out Unknown Device after clean Win10 install on Laptop GL752V

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so i tried a bunch of drivers i couldnt get this uknown device to fix itself
asus customer support cant figure it out

there recommendation is to buy an OEM windows from Bizcom.. as retail windows 10 wont work on asus laptops properly you need the OEM version as the drivers wont help things but bizcom is only a usa thing plus there website is nothing....

as my windows 10 wouldnt update anymore it told me end of life and it was trying to update but stuck at 61% for 2 days

so i ended up reinstalling Windows 10 Home from MS site i had and chose home.. and ended up installing all those drivers to try to cure all the unknowns etc

but it wont fix it.. any ideas? also they figure its hardware problems that that USB isnt working right?? can i fix that?

my laptop came with Windows 10 Premium is there any other way to fix it? etc the only suggestion they say send it in for servicing... i just cant download a darn ISO which save soo much money


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Thanks for the screenshots.

I did a search online for "vid 8087 & pid 0a2a" and according to the information on the Microsoft answers page below they say that particular VID and PID is related to Bluetooth which I did not see listed in your device manager screenshot. If there are still any problems or if it helps, please let us know.

There are three Bluetooth manufacturers for your laptop model. You'll need to figure out which one it is.

Level 12
1. First create a Windows 10 installation USB using instructions here:
2. Once you have Windows installed then simply use a copy of your eSupport folder that you saved before you wiped your OS drive. Run AsInsWiz.exe found in a sub-folder and install all your ASUS related devices and software.

Good Luck
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If you have that copy of your install registered to a M$ account then there should be no problems using the media creation tool and installing from that and then using what was in the eSupport folder to reinstall your drivers and ATK package etc. Anyone who told you that OEM was your only choice is full of Donkey Dung. The only difference is one is OEM as in a one shot deal and M$ doesnt support it. If you buy the OEM then its on you, its its the OEM from a manufacturer support is on them. Retail is fully supported by M$. The two are identical with the exception of licensing.

Not that it will help you now but every ASUS laptop Ive ever bought I get with the Smallest SSD or HDD whatever is cheapest. I then buy the drive I want and clone to the new drive and finish my install. That way it has everything as it did from the factory on the new drive and the original drive goes in a drawer in the event I need to clone it again or put it back in to send off for service.

Level 8
Port 0009 Hub 0001 was also problematic when I reinstalled Windows 10 on GL552VW - Drivers from ASUS Support page are not up to date atleast for GL552VW ......... there are other forum threads about this

What was missing were drivers for Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R) - Not sure your laptop has Intel one tho.

You get the Intel one from here (Win 10, 64 & 32):

Level 12
Install Intel Driver assistant and don't have to guess or work it out.