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Can't Enter Bios on G74SX-BBK7? Windows 8.1

Level 7
I am not sure when the problem began, but it may have had to do with me having Windows 8 as the OS, though I do not see why. But I seem to recall being able to enter the BIOS before in Windows 8, which is what leads me to believe this is not the problem. When I used to be able to enter the bios, on the ASUS splashscreen, there was always a message that would tell me what button to push to enter the BIOS. Now that message will not show up! The computer boots up just fine, and everything works perfectly, and I can even see what my BIOS number is in the WinFlash untility (version 201). But I am wanting to update to version 203, and I cannot enter the BIOS. I have hammered down F2, F4, DEL, and every other normal key that I can think of, but the computer will not boot into the BIOS. Any ideas guys?

Hi BFirebird101, Welcome to the ROG forum. If you don't have much installed on your laptop, you could perform a partition recovery. Start up your laptop and tap F9 and follow the recovery instructions. I'm not sure if you will need to download the drivers or not after the recovery, you'll need to check into that.

I have a lot installed 😞

And F9 won't bring up anything. None of the buttons work on the bootloader screen. It just simply starts up. It starts up rather fast too.

Level 7
Hey there, BFirebird101, my 74sx'er goes with F2 for BIOS, best of luck with that. Drop 8.1 as soon as you can if you encounter any issues, I had to downgrade to Windows 7 yet again because of RAM and SSD uncompatibility.

Best of luck fixing your laptop.

Level 7
A silly question, but are you starting to press it early enough?
Just click power button and start HOLDING the F2 key, don't press it, but hold it. Should do the trick, really.

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Here's a tip from the ASUS G750 FAQs page which should also work for other units running Win8/8.1 if you want to give it a try: