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Can any Share Resident Evil 7 Performance Results on Asus ROG G751YJ (24 GB RAM) ?

Level 7
Dear ROG-Community,

I am wondering on which plattform I want to purchase the new game from the RE franchise: XBox ONE or from Steam. I would prefer the latter, but I am a bit unsure if it will run on my ROG laptop on full high/ultra settings. Even though I know about the system requirements "on the paper" but learned that actual experiences are much more reliable.

Therefore my question: Has anyone run this game on this laptop already and can share any performance results?

Thanks in advance!


Level 10
This guy has posted a video of his results with his G752VY, which is closely comparable to the G751JY in terms of graphical performance since they both have a 980m, and because the i7-6700hq and the i7-4720hq are very similar in performance.

Anywho, with the Resident Evil 7 demo he got 60+fps on 1080p ultra settings and 20-30fps on 4k ultra settings. You should be fine getting it on Steam.

Edit: Here is another video showing it being run at 1080p ultra preset on a 980m, though it is being run with an i7-6820hk.


Many thanks for the reply! It's highly appreciated. I just ran a test with the Beginning hour demo and had some significant framed drops. Hope it's only because it's a demo (which, by the way, ran at stable 50 fps in the beginning and then started to frame drop for whatever reason). I will check your videos.

Meanwhile, maybe someone has actually tested the full game with the g751? It'doesn't be too bad to buy the game and then have to return it because it doesn't run well...

After Ancients comment I started searching for "980m Resident Evil 7" instead of the maybe too specific "G751Jy Resident Evil 7" and finally found someone who uploaded a gameplay video of this game that he recorded on the G751JY. It seems like it's running with 50-60 FPS which ain't perfect but definitely playable. So this post is just for those who might have the same question. You can find the video here:


If you have another Gaming laptop with this graphic card you can find some more gameplay videos that have been recorded on diff rent machines with the 980m by following this link:


Hopefully it helps someone;)

Have a nice weekend everybody.*