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Buying new laptop - advice? Asus G752VY-RH71 vs. Alienware 17R3 2015

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Hi guys,

I am buying a gaming laptop soon, but don't know which one I should go with, I have narrowed my choice between the below two. The Alienware has a UHD screen which is gorgeous and has also longer battery life plus a very nice keyboard but gets very hot during gaming, vs the ASUS G752VY which has a Full HD screen with G-Sync but is bulkier, has a very low battery life but is also a little bit cheaper. Which one would be the better overall? Have you guys encountered any build quality/warranty or other issues with the ROG series?

Asus G752VY-RH71
- 17.3" FHD IPS Matte Screen G-Sync
- Intel® Skylake i7-67000HQ
- NVIDIA® GTX 980M [4GB]
- 128GB PCIe SSD + 1TB HDD

Alienware 17R3 2015
- 17.3" UHD 400 nits IGZO IPS Matte Screen
- Intel® Skylake i7-67000HQ
- NVIDIA® GTX 980M [4GB]
- 256GB PCIe SSD + 1TB HDD

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For gaming, Asus g752VY. I have a VT.

ASUS Rog are the best price and quality opinion that I ever see

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This is an ASUS forum so most are going to be a bit biased here.

Having just walked down the same path myself with a new rig I Once again chose the ASUS, G752Y DH72.

I also looked at Alienware.
A few things about the alienware disqualified it. Firsty that beautiful UHD display, If you have anything that will actually use its full resoluition it willl drag down its performance. The heat issue was also another problem, every reviewer had the same complaint of several places on the keyboard passing 110F. Screen briteness is a bit less and color reproduction isnt as good. Most benchmarks when ran apples for apples the two were pretty close.

The only pro I could give to the alienware is the ability to easily add their graphics amplifier which is basically an external desktop graphics card.

Neither of the two has good audio, The Asus G751 series was actually better than the G752. So if you are anything like me and want good audio be prepared to use something other than the on board speakers. For me I dont like headphones on me head or plugs in my ears so I use a Bose soundlink III over BT which isnt as good as getting a nice external PC speker solution and plugging it in but it is portable and wireless.

The battery life on the alienware may be better when you are doing simple tasks like web surfing but make no mistake about it. There isnt a portable gaming solution on the market that has good battery life, its a performance trade off. If battery life for surfing is your top priority you might want to consider a different platform like a Lenovo Thinkpad T450 with an extended battery it gets 15+ hours but suffers in the performance arena horribly.

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G752VY. G751JY with Gsync is also nice and cheaper.

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it depends what you want and what your using it for in your life, and how...
are you traveling all the time? is it going to stay in one spot? do you have a gaming desktop at home too?

i would agree with the others here to stick with Asus over Alienware. (i have nothing to back that up)
when it comes to gaming laptops like these, i do not understand people who even consider battery life. these things are barely portable. when they come out of your bag there's a 99% chance they are getting parked near an outlet for a while (hotel ect).

i went with a GL752, i sacrificed on the graphics card cause i wasnt too particular as i have a desktop at home, but i travel for a living so the smaller form factor and 3 pounds less weight was a big bonus. i would continue seeking advice but leave out battery comparisons 🙂
Asus GL752V- win 10, 16gb ram, 960m, i7 6700, SSD
Acer Predator Helios 500, i7 8750H, GTX1070
Desktop- win 10, i7 6700k, 16gb ram, evga 1080ti, nvme

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Wow. The price on Amazon puts the Alienware right in line with the G752VY. I would have thought the price to be much higher on the Alienware. Normally they charge a premium for what Dell considers their premium brand.

The cooling in the Asus is still second to none. Its one of the reasons I have always gone Asus is because laptops are so susceptible to heat issues and with CPU/GPU's these days temps are all that keep a device from throttling. I havent been let down yet by the cooling in these laptops and they are not loud as some other single/dual fan configurations can be.

The UHD display is a big plus on the Alienware, although the GSYNC display in the G752 is REALLY nice. Its hard to explain, but normally on IPS/TN panels there is a shimmer or sparkle if you will normally on matte displays, this is the only display I have ever come across where that is NOT present. Its just a real step up from the previous 1080p panels in ROG laptops (GSYNC is also something you should experience first hand if you have not yet. That itself may change your mind) I would be interested to see how the scaling does on the Alienware and how the screen looks at 1080p. Some screens dont look well at anything other then native resolution, and a 980m having to push 4k is going to be rough.
(ROG has simply become too expensive compared to the competition with same specs... 😞 )
MSI GE75 Raider 10SGS - i7 10750H - RTX 2080 Super - 32GB Ram - 1TB WD NVMe - 2TB 960 EVO - 300Hz 17inch Display
RETIRED: ALIENWARE R17 R5 - i7 8750H - GTX 1070 @ 1.9Ghz - 16GB DDR4 - NVMe 970 EVO 1TB - SSD 960 EVO 1TB

In December 2015 i had 3x Dell Alienware R3
- 1st: Bad Pixel
- 2nd: Between Notebook Frame Screen and Screen free space (0,5mm) & Fan broken
- 3rd: Bad Pixel

Also Screen in Dell Alienware is worse for me (not so bright like in ASUS).

Hi guys, it's me AK. I had to create a new account. Can't log in to my old one (not sure why..). So I decided to get both computers and try them to be able to decide between them. The thing is it didn't help at all 😄 So I got the Alienware with the specs that I wrote above, but the ASUS has different specs. It has 32 GB RAM and a Blu-Ray writer/reader (plus a 256GB SSD instead of the 128 one). After playing a bit with both of them here are my observations:

- very sturdy, better build quality then the ASUS
- it's smaller, lighter than the ASUS
- the 4K screen is amazing for browsing/working but has a shimmer that's hard to explain and is also a little bit on the red side
- it scales very well to 1080p but the ASUS screen looks better when playing games
- speakers are amazing
- great keyboard
- gets very VERY hot, but I don't think it throttles
- gets lower scores than ASUS on 3d Mark (by 100-200 depending on test)

- sturdy also, but not as much as the Alienware (the keyboard area on the ASUS can be pressed down), a lot heavier
- screen is bright, good colors but obviously not as nice as the Alienware; however it has G-Sync and the games look better on it; whites are white and not reddish as in the Alienware and it has no slimmer
- speakers not as good as Alienware, but can't complain (most of the time I use headphones)
- keyboard is OK
- laptop is extremely cool even after hours of gaming

So after playing with them for some days I'm still undecided. the price is exactly the same on both ($1,999.00 but I'm paying only 1,,000.00 as my employer pays half of it :P). The ASUS screen kinda looks better when gaming, but the Alienware is better for everything else. The ASUS however has 32 GB RAM. I think I will go with ASUS just because it stays cooler... :S