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Buying guide G53SX

Level 7
Before I continue with my post, I'm sorry if I post at the wrong section.

Hi guys, I'm new to this forum even though I owned a G2s series notebook.
So far I'm quite satisfied with the notebook, apart from changing the motherboard due to some burnt problem with the charging port which I don't know why it can happen and some performance issue recently.

I've decided to change my notebook to a smaller size in this case my choice is G53SX 3D version, since the non-3D also having the same screen resolution in my country.
I really need some comments and guidance.

  • What do you think of this notebook?
  • Is there anything I need to check when purchasing the notebook? Hardware / Software? Apart from the common check, like maybe benchmark it or anything else?
  • What are the pros and cons of this notebook?
  • Is there any upcoming G series laptop better than G53SX in the next couple months? Preferable 15.6" 3D is a plus.

Any other input besides stated above is highly appreciated.

Even though I have done some research on this notebook, but most of them are a normal review not in depth review, I really need some input from G53SX owner, if you have the 3D version please let me know how's the system performed? Any glitches, or whatsoever.

Sorry if I asked many questions. If you have any suggestion other than Asus brand also considerable.

Thanks for your time 🙂

Level 10

Now that you are looking for a new laptop so it is important that it meets your requirements for a reasonable price.
Since you're saying you are going for a notebook with 3D display, then you may want to find a cheap version, then you have the option to upgrade to SSD, possibly more RAM and a new WiFi card (since the atheros card sucks ass 😛 ) without it being all too expensive.

Some sellers are sneaky when it comes to information, so it's important to consider is the screen with 120Hz 1920 x 1080? Or is it 1600 x 900 That only Supports HD+ and not Full HD.

With the video card then you will preferably have 1.5 GB or 3GB vRAM since the 192 bit version. If you find one with 2GB of VRAM, you will get 128 bits.

Another thing to remember is it is not as easy to open up such as G74 or G73 series for it to be upgraded (if I do not remember wrong about this).

I hope this helps 🙂
Asus G73SW-91058V 3D
- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300
- BIOS 205

Hi fuzon1337

Thanks for your reply.

Any suggestion on which model / brand you recommend? Coz in my country the only option I know for 1920x1080 with 3D capablility is only G73 and alienware, not much choice and they're out of my budget and way too big, I don't want end up using the same size or bigger than mine now (G2s, 17.1"). The G53SX in Malaysia is equipped with HD 3D (1366x768 120Hz)

As for WiFi card, I heard they suck and create lots of problem lol! But if it is compatible with BackTrack then I might need to keep it for a while and start saving for a better compatible card.

Unfortunately in Malaysia, the G53SX is 2GB vRAM for the GPU and I believe the same at other country.

Now I'm comparing G53SX with MSI gaming laptop with the same screen size (forgot the model #). With the same price Asus got 3D, but MSI got higher graphic card. Now I become more confuse T.T

Oh, I want to ask for Asus G53SX, let say I buy another NVIDIA 3D Glasses, can I use them both (2 people using it at the same time)? Let say for watching?

Thanks for the info you gave previously.

Level 10
You cannot buy from or some site like that ?

About the WiFi card, you can take a look at the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 🙂 That doesn't cost much and it makes a big difference on you're machine 🙂

Hehe, then you should ask you're self if you need a screen with 120hz or not 🙂 I doubt that the card on MSI notebook is so much better anyway. But if that graphic card got 1,5 or 3BG I would go for that notebook, it that got simular or better spec's 🙂

If I'm not mistaken about more 3D glasses you should be able to use more then just the pair that comes with the notebook. So if I'm right I've read it somewhere in this forum about that 🙂
Asus G73SW-91058V 3D
- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300
- BIOS 205

Actually I'm planning on taking installment for the payment. That's the reason my choice is limited to local store.

Whoa that's a lot of help, will find more info and seller on the WiFi card u suggested. Thanks a lot mate.

As for MSI's graphic card it powered by GTX570 1.5 GDDR5 which I guess is more powerful and it has 2 USB 3.0 the minus is the processor it still using 2630QM.

3D is a plus point in this case. And global warranty is a must as I'm a foreigner student. Asus comes with 2 years global warranty with option to add another more year (I know the service center sucks!) as for MSI it got 2 years warranty but only 1 year global.

Gahh feels like my head going to Explode!! LoL somebody help me hahaha

Level 10
Hmm.... if the store got an online site, and have some models on their site and not in store, perhaps you could ask them to get that to you? (only if the notebook meets your requirements)

About the graphic card it's no noticable difference since you got the GTX560 in the G53SX but since that G53SX got 2GB vRAM you will see a difference =/

If you need more USB 3.0 ports to you're notebook, then you could take a look at CM Storm SF-19. That Cooling pad you can choose between USB 2.0/3.0 (depends on what you choose) and get 4x ports extra 🙂

With the 3D I would demend the reseller to take a look at it before buying the notebook. It was one member in this forum who got scammed with the 3D option and it only got naked-eye 3D or what it's called, thought he got 3D screen but didn't 😞

I have good experience with the service center here in Norway, but it's a shame that not all the service centers are as good as here 😞

So... one thing to remember when you buy you're new notebook, be sure to keep the receipt!
Asus G73SW-91058V 3D
- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300
- BIOS 205

Yea probably will try to ask the store which stock they got.

Bro u rockz! That's the cooling pas I was looking for I forgot the name and now u mention it! :cool:

I believe it is the real 3D since it got the glasses during the purchase.

Yea the one in! Malaysia real sucks! They told me it will take 1-2 weeks to repair my transformer but then it took 1.5 months, that isafter intold them that I'm going back to my hometown soon. If not I think will take more than that. But the service center in my hometown, Indonesia was great 3 days is all they take. Max 7 days.

I think I will buy G53SX today. Coz MSI brand here is kinda hard they are all out of stock and don't know when they gonna re-stock.

Btw did you know if there's any new gaming series coming in the next couple months?

Level 10
Asus comes out with lots of new models and "updates" every year. Since the current G-series all came out last year, there will be new ones sometime this year. They showed some prototypes at CES.

Level 10
As I have understood the next notebook G-series will come when Intel release their new Ivy Bridge processor 🙂
Asus G73SW-91058V 3D
- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300
- BIOS 205