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Buying a G751JT

Level 7

This is my first post here. I'm thinking of buying a G751JT and I have been following the forum trying to find out all the issues with this laptop. I've asked a relative to get it for me from US and I want to inform him of any potential issues that may arise with the laptop. So far I've seen people complaining about

  • Audio/ speakers (which has been fixed, somewhat through a driver update)
  • USB port issues - I have read some solutions provided by hmscott that solves the issues for WD ext drives. But some others are still facing issues. So my doubt is if this is a hardware issue which would require sending it back? Or can this get fixed through a bios or driver update?
  • Some members have also complained of screen problems like bleeding.

If anyone would like to add any issues that they face, please add them. I want to make sure that the laptop is in the best condition before I get it.

Also, what are your opinions on ordering from a site like or any similar site? I won't be going for any external customization but the G751JT does seem to be cheaper there.

Thank you in advance for any comments.

Level 7
Please there any reason why I should buy from a reseller than from the asus website itself?

Level 13
buy from whom ever u feel comfortable with as for international warranty u have to ask for it when buying and there may be an extra charge , when selecting a reseller or from asus , check return policy and how long the warranty is , most cases warranty is one year.
international warranty is if u take the unit to another country