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Burned Parts? Possible if I should replace or not? ASUS G75VW GPU/CPU/MB

Level 7
Hi so I posted 2 threads before about various problems with my G75VW. Two guys already answered and gave me thoughtful input, but now when I did my full digging I found my GPU or CPU might be burned out. The GPU was originally replaced overseas by a technician, and he didn't give me my original card back. Although he replaced it with this GPU, the problem wasn't fixed, but it looks even worse than my original. This thing looks roasted!!! Could the GPU still be working in this kind of condition???
The first 3 images are the GPU, 4th is the CPU, 5th is the motherboard. Motherboard has a plastic sheet with stains on it from the GPU.


Level 7
I know that looks are deceiving in their performance when it comes to electronics, especially parts, but this GPU the technician swapped with looks totally banged up and burned out.

Level 9
please sent to service center again and tell them your problem.

Pitcher@asus wrote:
please sent to service center again and tell them your problem.

ur problem is someone from Asus tried to f*** you dude. Probably has in his rig what you were supposed to get.
I am not down on Asus but not every employee is a good guy. Just wanted to say that Ive been buying Asus stuff for yrs and have always had good experiance with them. g/l