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Bsod g75vsw

Level 7
Hi there! I've had the G75V for about 3 or 4 years. Recently just after Christmas I started getting constant different bsods, so after about a month of trying to fix a pointless error I found in my Event Viewer (KP41), I found out it was pointless and just telling me my computer was shutting down for some reason, but then did more research and gave up and just reinstalled windows 7. Then I downloaded drivers, and computer did not bluescreen and could run of night. Now im starting to ALWAYS get this BSOD error called DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. So ill send my information and I would really like some help from you kind people.
-Mouse_Logitech G700 (I was starting to think that was causing my BSOD's)
-Logitech G230 Headset
-8.00 Gigabyte ram
-I7 core processor
-Nvidia GTX 660M graphics card
-Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
Thanks you please reply in comments or send me a email at I dont know how to access dump files but if you walk me through I would gladly send them.

Level 7
Sorry did nt see my title screen typo, now im getting this error SYSTEM_EXCEPTION then some other word I cant remember

Level 9
You should check your ram for errors, narrow it down by testing one stick at a time.

You can use hirens boot cd, here's a link

Download the iso, either burn it to the disk or make a bootable usb. Then choose memtest86++

Let it do a couple passes, then turn off the computer, switch out ram and do it again. You'll probably find a bad stick of ram.

DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is usually a bad stick of ram, or ram that needs to be reseated.

Good luck

Level 7
Thanks, ill send results