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broke my Asus G74SX NH71 screen please help

Level 7
So I been looking for a replacement screen. I know my connector has 40 pins. I found a website that has both a matte and a glossy model. Mine was a glossy one.

Do you guys know if both screens will work. Or i should just buy my original glossy screen? If they both fit which is better? Glossy or matte?
Also any recommendations of where to buy the screen for the best price?

Level 9
i suggest you send to service center to repair or 3th part computer store to repair.

Level 7

Things to consider when choosing a screen but first of all, what is your default native resolution on your laptop? Is it 1600x900 or 1920x1080? If your default screen is 1600x900, you can choose the 1920x1080 screen as an upgrade. However, if you choose to pick the 1920x1080 upgrade, you will realize that while playing games, though it looks much nicer, it will suffer a performance hit when it's in that resolution compared to using your default 1600x900 screen native resolution. This is because the gpu needs to work harder to put out 1920x1080. Sure you can change the resolution down to 1600x900 but it will look really bad on the 1920x1080 screen. So pick wisely.

As for matte or glossy, personally i prefer matte. Simply because it doesn't have the glare which is associated with glossy screens.

Mine was already 1980x1080, i think im go with matte .. Btw you know of any websites that sell them cheap?